To combat those fears and jitters our little ones (and their mamas) may experience when attending preschool for the first time, I wanted to share some of the things he and I have discussed. 
One of my favorite things to do with my girls is read to them. I really do enjoy reading good picture books.  Even the process of going to the library to pick out new books that we haven’t seen...
As the employer, you actually need to budget for quite a bit more than the hourly rate. When you hire a nanny as a household employee, you have to pay Social Security and Medicare for that person, as well as unemployment insurance and often payroll services
Do I feel the need to validate myself and explain my career decision with past accolades and honors to reassure myself and others of my choice? Not anymore. I used to apologize and dismiss the very notion of this choice, but now that I'm deep into the teen years with my three kids, the value of motherhood and what I offer and contribute has seeped into my bones.  
Time with them is slipping through my fingers, like water wildly gushing from a faucet. I know I can do nothing to stop or alter the flow. But I need to do a better job of closing my fingers and creating a cup to drink from and savor before it flows over and passes me by.
A preschool teacher once told me that reading the same children's books over and over again was really important to help little ones grasp meaning and learn to read. She did follow that up with saying that if you've...
I'd love to say we found some kind of magical formula that helps him snap out of this, but we haven't. Occasionally we'll find that blowing one strong burst of air into his mouth helps, but it doesn't always. His pediatrician assures us he's totally healthy and will eventually outgrow this terrifying but harmless habit. But in the meantime, I wonder how I will set the same firm limits for him on a day to day basis as I have for my other two children? How do you parent well when you're terrified of your child getting angry?
Because seriously, what is Easter without those traditional Peeps?? It’s no secret that “crunchy mama” is NOT a term that has ever been applied to me. When it comes to holidays and treats, I have to be honest-the health factor...
When would my life stop revolving around poo? Would it ever? I was an educated woman. I had hopes and dreams. I used to be able to speak in complete sentences. But here I was, spending each day trying desperately to reason with a toddler.
Wear Sunscreen. As a freshman in high school, wanting to be considered cool by my Senior brother and his friends, I listened repeatedly to a popular "song" they liked called, "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen". More reading, than song really...

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