Work to remember what they’ve told you about certain school friends, certain likes and dislikes and their ideas for the future. These important things will come up again. When we recall previous conversations, our kids know we are listening and care about them.
I'd love to say we found some kind of magical formula that helps him snap out of this, but we haven't. Occasionally we'll find that blowing one strong burst of air into his mouth helps, but it doesn't always. His pediatrician assures us he's totally healthy and will eventually outgrow this terrifying but harmless habit. But in the meantime, I wonder how I will set the same firm limits for him on a day to day basis as I have for my other two children? How do you parent well when you're terrified of your child getting angry?
I love to sing opera. *Whew* I said it. My biggest dream growing up was to travel around the nation as a famous opera singer. I started taking voice lessons when I was 14 and fell in love with the skill of...
Day 865: The cunning toddler is a master manipulator. She refuses to interact with her mother, and instead only cooperates with her father. Perhaps because the father allows greater latitude with snacking before breakfast. Mother relieved to not spend the morning wrestling toddler.
The struggle to find child care is a constant battle and can cause major stress. It's a challenge to balance a convenient location, the number of facilities you have to pick up and drop off from (why do so few facilities take infants?!?) and the cost of care for multiple children.
As the employer, you actually need to budget for quite a bit more than the hourly rate. When you hire a nanny as a household employee, you have to pay Social Security and Medicare for that person, as well as unemployment insurance and often payroll services
Out of everything I do during a single day, there’s one thing that is my absolute favorite: reading. I’ve been reading since age five and have read thousands of books by now. I was so excited to begin reading to my...
There are two types of moms: the mom who monitors her kids in the fast food play area and the mom who throws her kids to the wolves doesn't.  Oh, and there are a few moms like me: Somewhere in the...
Time with them is slipping through my fingers, like water wildly gushing from a faucet. I know I can do nothing to stop or alter the flow. But I need to do a better job of closing my fingers and creating a cup to drink from and savor before it flows over and passes me by.
But now we have come to what I call the sweet spot. The kids are between, say, 3 and 6. They believe in Santa and his magic. And they are suckers for all of the advertising on TV. They may be a little shy but parents or elves usually can coax them to at least stand next to Santa as they mumble to him about the Lego set or doll or robot they want him to bring.

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