One thing stands out to me: Good relationships should be celebrated and Valentine's Day should be celebrated in some fashion. Whatever fits your relationship, your personalities and where you are in your journey: cute, fun, gimmicky, reflective, serious, sensual, sexual. Whatever fits the two of you the best at that point in your relationship. Have fun with your Valentine's Day, but celebrate each other and what you mean to each other—whatever that is.
Her writing has changed her. "I am someone else," she says. She is fearless. She is strong. And she can change the world with her pen.
Aren't we allowed to take a break from all of the holiday to-do and enjoy an adult-only date? Of course we are! Dating our significant other is important, especially around the holidays when things tend to be more about the kids. Thankfully, our city has a lot of fun Christmas activities for parents as well.
I am a FIRM believer in date nights with my husband. He is a spontaneous romantic, so when he gets an idea, he plans it. For that night. Not a few weeks in advance or even a month. NOPE....
Our 2nd Birthday Bash: 90s Prom event is coming up in less than one week! Why do you want to join us at the Prom? We have been so busy behind the scenes making sure this event is filled with fun and we...
Date night is not my favorite term. In fact, it is a term that grates on my nerves a bit. Some people don’t like “moist” or “panties”. I will take either over “date night”. Nonetheless, my husband and I decided some form of “us time” was required so we could remember how to have a conversation without the 101 interruptions of our sweet but chatty 5 year old.
Spontaneity is thrilling. Especially when we are talking about date night. A few hours. Alone. With the one you love. Unexpected. Sure, it is fun to look forward to a date night all week, but the excitement bumps up...

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