Moms, we know you are busy, so very busy. We also know that on any given day there is so much you are thinking about, stressing over and planning. Date night should not be one of those things. It...
Aren't we allowed to take a break from all of the holiday to-do and enjoy an adult-only date? Of course we are! Dating our significant other is important, especially around the holidays when things tend to be more about the kids. Thankfully, our city has a lot of fun Christmas activities for parents as well.
Last year for my husband's birthday, I didn't get him any presents. Instead, I got him a year of dates! If you're like us (and probably most people), you can get lazy with dating your spouse. It's easy to order...
When my husband married me, he didn’t know he was signing up for a wife who throws fatigue-induced tantrums because our nearly-one-year-old son still doesn’t sleep through the night! He didn't know his wife would be the pallbearer at my grandfather’s funeral. He didn’t know he’d have to love me through piles of laundry and dishes and coupons clipped with good intentions but no follow-through.
One thing stands out to me: Good relationships should be celebrated and Valentine's Day should be celebrated in some fashion. Whatever fits your relationship, your personalities and where you are in your journey: cute, fun, gimmicky, reflective, serious, sensual, sexual. Whatever fits the two of you the best at that point in your relationship. Have fun with your Valentine's Day, but celebrate each other and what you mean to each other—whatever that is.
Her writing has changed her. "I am someone else," she says. She is fearless. She is strong. And she can change the world with her pen.
Do you love shopping as much as we do? We have put together this comprehensive guide to help you plan your girls day of shopping, a moms' night out, a fun lunch or even date night with your honey!...

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