It's one of my family's favorite things to do, hunting for little plastic eggs in a field of grass. We wouldn't miss it for the world, so I'm really happy to share some options for Easter Activities here in...
Colorado Springs Moms Blog is excited to bring our 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt to Colorado Springs on Saturday, March 31, 2018! This event will be hosted indoors at The Arena, which welcomes attendees to enjoy the Easter...
The simplest thing I can think of is putting an ad out there. I'm talking Craigslist want ads. I mean how much more men friendly can we get? They don't need some lengthy post going on about their feelings, and desires. Dad's just want to get straight to the point of it all. They don't need playdates, and formal meet-ups. Ain't no (man) got time for that.
Her writing has changed her. "I am someone else," she says. She is fearless. She is strong. And she can change the world with her pen.
Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is another tradition we started as newlyweds. Dressed in our pajamas, we hop in the car, get hot chocolate at the Starbucks drive-thru and find the best musical Christmas light shows in Colorado Springs. Our daughter is old enough to thoroughly enjoy it now. She loves the lights, music and, of course, the hot chocolate.
My son started playing games around three years old. We started simply with Tic-Tac-Toe and memory match. It wasn’t long before he was beating me at memory on a regular basis. We progressed to Candyland quickly and learned colors. Then came Chutes and Ladders and counting spaces.
5. A Great Deal for a Movie! Tickets to the Wonder & Care Movie Event to benefit Care & Share (happening THIS Saturday, November 18th) are only $7/person! That's cheaper than the usual movie ticket price! Plus you get so...
Aren't we allowed to take a break from all of the holiday to-do and enjoy an adult-only date? Of course we are! Dating our significant other is important, especially around the holidays when things tend to be more about the kids. Thankfully, our city has a lot of fun Christmas activities for parents as well.
Colorado Springs Moms Blog & First & Main Town Center presents Wonder & Care, a charity food drive event for Care & Share! Tickets include:: movie ticket to see a 9:15 a.m. showing of Wonder during the movie's premier weekend...
What do I paint? Anything you want! The sky’s…well, the rock’s…the limit. Paint anything: cartoon characters, emojis, a beautiful design, tacos, sports or simply write and encouraging quote. If you’re part of a Facebook group and want to spread the rock paint love, don’t forget to label the back of your rock with the group name.  

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