To stay connected and to avoid this stand off, it's important to be open about our feelings and our needs. There is a better way to handle it than saying, "I have a headache" or "I'm just not in the mood" or thinking, "Let's get this over with." We need to be brave enough to tell our partners what we need.
Date night is not my favorite term. In fact, it is a term that grates on my nerves a bit. Some people don’t like “moist” or “panties”. I will take either over “date night”. Nonetheless, my husband and I decided some form of “us time” was required so we could remember how to have a conversation without the 101 interruptions of our sweet but chatty 5 year old.
If you want to continue to use your social media accounts to stand out as the "real" mom in the midst of the posed, filtered masses, by all means, you do you. But don't expect me to join in. Instead, you'll find me over here posting about how perfect my life is, because those are the moments that I want to remember. Those are the memories that I want my children to have.
When you are four months comfortably pregnant, enjoying those gauzy fantasies about what life will be like when baby arrives, you dream up some magical scenarios; laughing with your family of four over a joyful family game night; snuggling...
When it’s all said and done, your kids won’t remember clean dishes or laundry—they’ll remember you. Your heart. Your love. So love well, Mama, and let the rest go. And remember: you are enough. Just as you are, the incredible creation that is you.
“Dad,” she beamed, “I’m so glad you’re home. I really miss you when you’re gone. But I’m also glad when you come home because Mommy makes dinner again.”
Ask yourself the following question: How will I spend the next 50 birthdays? We spend countless hours planning and celebrating our kids’ birthdays, but rarely take a moment to think of our own.
One of our family hobbies is playing board games. But sometimes, it’s fun to play games with just me and my husband. It’s a meaningful way to spend time together doing something we both enjoy that doesn’t involve the...
A couple of weeks ago a group of friends and I were discussing our marriages. We have all been married in spans ranging from 5-17 years. The topic came up as to whether or not we were still attracted...
To you, Young Bride. I was you a decade ago, and wow it’s flown! Congratulations on your love, I am so happy for you and your sweetheart! I know you have a big and bright future ahead of you full...

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