I admire those parents who craft each piece of food into a cute animal. But I will never be that parent. I buy things he likes (or things I think he might like) and put one small serving in each compartment. Sometimes, I cut them into bite sized pieces to add more speed to the lunchtime equation. The bento box allows him beloved social time with his friends AND plenty of time to eat his entire lunch.
Is summer vacation over?  Is it time to go back to school? Sumer vacation is over!! It's time to go back to school!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.............. Yup, there it is.  Sighs of relief being released by mothers everywhere (and sure, Dads too!) For some of...
This past year, even grandma got involved! My retired mother has extra time on her hands and ended up in my daughter’s class on a weekly basis. Having this extension of our family in the school and participating only strengthened our tie to the school. Now, grandma and grandpa have a better idea of what my kids are learning. This translates into more engaging conversation between them and a stronger bond.
Initially, her response infuriated me inside. Relax? You’ve been handed an opportunity many children could only dream of, and you want to relax? Don’t you owe it to your teacher and school to represent them? Not to mention you’ve been given a gift, and we should share our gifts with the world. When I was growing up and an opportunity like this arose, saying no was not an option.
Can you believe it is already time to register children for the Fall of 2018 kindergarten? There are few times as exciting for parents as the time our children transition into kindergarten. In my experience as a school principal, our...
My youngest daughter recently started kindergarten. She has been a rock star with the transition. I have a fourth grader who has been in charge of packing her own lunch for a few years now, so I was excited...
By Day 3, they started to come around.  They woke up happy and I smugly thought to myself, "Pat on the back mom, they needed this as much as you did. Way to stand your ground."
I have been here before. At one point, before my daughter came along, all three of my boys were in school at once. I didn't like it. I treasured the disappearance of the sibling WWF rounds and the cries of "I'm bored." Or "I'm starved." But between those bits of relief, I felt empty. Like I had lost my purpose.
Make time to spend time with your teen. Tell her you love her. Give him too many hugs. This is not the season to walk in offense. Love when you are rejected and love them when they fail. Love when you really, really don’t want to.
He is only going half days for kindergarten. I tell everyone that it is because I don’t think he can handle full days yet. And that is true. The other reason is because I am not ready for him to do full days yet. He is my first and my only and I am clinging.

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