Sometimes however, the main consideration is the hourly rate of childcare versus the hourly rate for the parents. Depending on your situation, sometimes the math just doesn't justify one alternative over the other. Fortunately, there are programs to help when ends don't meet.
As the employer, you actually need to budget for quite a bit more than the hourly rate. When you hire a nanny as a household employee, you have to pay Social Security and Medicare for that person, as well as unemployment insurance and often payroll services
But I turn and clutch the doll to my chest, suppressing tears. This doll, placed so tenderly on the step, is an offering to the passage of time, to growing up, to letting go. It hurts my heart. I don’t want it to come yet. Slowly, I make my way down the stairs, cradling the doll.
Instead of asking my daughter to wait for me to play with her and dealing with her whining and clinginess in the meantime, things went more smoothly if I sat down and played with her right away. After we played for about ten minutes, I praised her for the good job she was doing and then asked her to finish playing without my help.
I enjoy putting together homemade Lunchables, so I can choose higher quality meat, cheese and crackers and also pack some fresh fruit as a side. I also switch up sandwiches by using different breads like tortillas, bagel thins and croissants.
To combat those fears and jitters our little ones (and their mamas) may experience when attending preschool for the first time, I wanted to share some of the things he and I have discussed. 
It’s that time of year again!  Parents and kids alike feel like the summer has gone too fast. Let me tell you though, no one feels more like the summer lasted for no time at all than the teachers. Walking...
Out of the mouth’s of babes or kids say the darnedest things... however you want to caption it- having young children in the house who are just learning to use their words and articulate themselves can result in some...
Like far too many parenting decisions, choosing a preschool can be paralyzing. Studies show it’s crucial for future academic and social success, right? So how do you find the best preschool for your child – and for you? Here's the...

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