Do you love saving money as much as I do? I have compiled a list of my favorite ideas for you.
Write a letter. Send a card. Ask your kids to draw a picture. We will forward all the happiness you collect to our troops.
Among other things, this giveaway will include a two-night stay at Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs on Dec. 15-17 or Dec. 22-24 AND a 30-minute Skype session on the resort’s 120-inch big screen for the family to connect with its deployed loved one.
What do I paint? Anything you want! The sky’s…well, the rock’s…the limit. Paint anything: cartoon characters, emojis, a beautiful design, tacos, sports or simply write and encouraging quote. If you’re part of a Facebook group and want to spread the rock paint love, don’t forget to label the back of your rock with the group name.  
Have I mentioned that Pecos, NM, has the lousiest cell coverage ever? I attempted to get my husband on phone, which was like the old cell phone commercial – “Can you hear me now?” NO. This is where I would normally lose my cool and breakdown. I might get snarky and rude. I might cry. But I had no other option but to remain composed and calm, for the sake of my kids. I had to figure out what to do next.
As much as we love summer, it is hard to beat fall in Colorado Springs! This is definitely a favorite season for many families. From pumpkin patches, apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes and trick or treating to the annual...
It might be the most glorious trait of Colorado. All the Fall colors that drip down the mountainside like a golden vein. This guide was put together to give you a starting point for planning trips to see all the...
Ask yourself the following question: How will I spend the next 50 birthdays? We spend countless hours planning and celebrating our kids’ birthdays, but rarely take a moment to think of our own.
I’m often asked how I can stand to leave my kids when I travel for business. “Don’t you miss them?” Yep! “Who takes care of them?” Um, my husband. “Do you feel guilty?” Nope! I’ve been traveling for work since before I had children. Sometimes, internationally...
Are we there yet? How much longer? I'm bored! I have to go potty… AGAIN! If you have a child and you have been in the car with them you have most likely heard this and more. Let's face...

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