Dear June: An Advice Column For Moms

Advice columnI was standing in my kitchen furiously whisking eggs for my kids and fuming about a recent conversation with my mother-in-law, when it hit me like a ton of bricks. What would it look like to have a place to anonymously go for advice? A non-judgmental spot to seek guidance about the regular drama we all put up with in motherhood?

My husband was weary from my opinions. And while I have incredible friends who know the depth of my soul, this particular subject felt a bit too risky for me to talk about. It would have meant walking the edge of what was appropriate to share.

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all had a problem we have stewed on for weeks. Usually, we find ourselves talking wildly to the air, practicing articulate defense or just shutting down. Or worse, we share all the things with all the people, destroying relationships and burning bridges like a woman spending her money at Target.

The struggle is real.

And I’m here for it, thanks to Co Springs Mom Collective. I contacted them about starting an advice column for all of you mamas out there and they loved the idea.

I’m Dear June and I’m here to take your questions. Do you need help with your mother in law’s incessant desire to show up at your house before calling? Maybe you could use some advice on how to have dignified conversations about racism with your toddler? All you have to do is write in below with your problems, and I’ll take it from there. 

If you ever have a question regarding your submission, feel free to email [email protected]