We’ve officially entered into a new fashion season in Colorado: autumn. Most likely you have found yourself reaching for items in your closet like cardigans, boots, and scarves. Lightweight layers that can carry us through the varying temperatures of the season. Could be sunny and chilly or dark and snowy. Who knows?!

Need a Fashion Upgrade? Consider Local & Second Hand

If you are looking at your fall fashion choices and considering updating or replacing a few items, I’d like to suggest you look no further than some excellent shops here in Colorado Springs. Not only are these shops local, but they are consignment and thrift shops. You can update your closet sustainably, support local business, and save a few bucks at the same time.

I have personally shopped (and scored!) at each of these locations. I highly recommend each one and am thrilled to highlight each one. I am rating each shop using dollar signs, see my “chart” below. The first 3 shops are consignment boutiques. You can not only purchase gently used and even some new with/without tags, you can bring in your own gently used/new clothes for cash on the spot or store credit. The 4th shop is a thrift shop that supports a local cause. Here you can find clothing, toys, housewares, and kids clothes.

(This is by no means an exhaustive list of second hand/thrift shops in our area. These are just the ones I’ve personally shopped at in the past few months. There are many other great shops here, I just haven’t been able to get to all of them yet!)

Price point chart:
$- majority of items are inexpensive ranging from 99 cents to under $20.
$$- slightly more expensive but still very affordable for the quality with the majority ranging from $5 to $50.
$$$- higher end/higher quality items majority of items ranging from $10-$100+

Ashley’s Attic $$

This was the first consignment shop I visited after moving to the Springs. Located in the cutest little cottage style home turned shop, Ashley and her mother Cherie curate a shop that has pieces for a variety of sizes, styles, and changes out inventory to correlate with the season/coming season. While the space inside limits the number of items they can buy from customers, what they have available is truly desirable and I have never walked out empty-handed. If you need help putting an outfit together or feeling confident in your fashion selections, these ladies are so kind, helpful and readily available to assist you in making the best decisions to suit your style.

You will mostly find current and classic pieces ranging from Loft and GAP brands all the way to pieces you’d find in Nordstrom, Madewell, and Anthropology. There is also an excellent variety of accessories, shoes, and purses. If you are looking for vintage and more “kitschy” items, then keep reading because the next shop is probably more your style.

Redoux Consignment shop $$$

This shop is truly a downtown treasure and has something for everyone. I would even bring my husband into this shop as I think he would enjoy browsing. Not only do the ladies have a fully stocked clothing section, but they also offer home decor items and antiques. Their clothing selection is sure to appeal to many different fashion styles, but especially if you like vintage or higher-end items. I browsed through an entire section of second hand, genuine leather goods like jackets, boots, and purses. While searching the clothing racks I came across labels like Tory Burch, Armani, and Lilly Pulitzer. I could spend a good hour in this shop and still find things to look at.

Not only will you be pleased with the shop’s offerings, but I have no doubt the ladies who run this one-of-a-kind place would be willing to help you put outfits together. Don’t forget to ask them about their consigning system, especially if you plan on becoming a regular customer and want to maintain some store credit.

Clothes Mentor $$-$$$

Clothes Mentor is technically a chain (like Plato’s Closet), but each location is a privately owned franchise. So you are still supporting a locally owned business when you make a purchase. If you are new to second hand shopping, I suggest starting here. You can take your time combing through racks and no one will disturb you. But should you need assistance, the ladies at Clothes Mentor are more than helpful. You will find a wide range of items, styles, price points, and sizes. They even offer maternity clothes. And like the two shops above, this is also a consignment shop. You can bring in your like-new clothing items and receive either store credit or cash payment for what they accept.

Most items at Clothes Mentor are geared towards current and classic styles. You won’t find vintage or kitschy items here. In my opinion, this is a great store for busy moms (of all styles, sizes, and seasons) who need some new pieces in their closets, want to search through a variety of styles, for a great price.

Life Network Family Thrift Store $-$$

This is a “true” thrift shop where you will find a wide variety of items including kids clothes, toys, housewares, menswear, books, crafting items, sporting goods, and of course women’s clothes. This thrift shop supports the non-profit organization Life Network which is a ministry that supports and cares for expectant moms/fathers. This location probably won’t have the customer service the shops above offer, so you should go in knowing what you are searching for.

I suggest perusing these racks when you have a chunk of time to spare. I found some awesome vintage items that I assume someone donated after they helped grandma downsize her house. I’m talking about garments like a USA made Pendleton Wool pencil skirt with a matching blazer… for $10. Places like this will have items donated because people just want the items gone and to benefit a good cause at the same time. You can find some rare, high-quality “casts offs” here my friends! So even though you may have to spend some time going through the racks, you may find a truly one-of-a-kind item for an excellent price point. Not to mention your purchase benefits a local organization that is doing good work in the community.

Win for Local Business, Win for your Closet

So if you are finding yourself looking in your closet feeling bored as the days grow colder and darker, I highly suggest checking out these local second hand shops. Give them all a try before heading off to Target or Old Navy to update your cold weather wardrobe. We all know our local businesses took a hard hit over the past few months, and people had a lot of time to clean out their closets. You could find some unique items that will last you many years, AND help keep some small businesses afloat. I call that a win-win situation!

If you would like more information about building an ethical closet and quitting fast fashion, I encourage you to read my previous post and follow me on Instagram! I love highlighting fair fashion brands, sharing closet and outfit tips, and encouraging you to wear what you already own!


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