I’m sure I don’t need to tell you here in Colorado the weather can be unpredictable in all 4 seasons. This time of year particularly we can experience a wide range of temperatures all in a 12 hour day. Your morning begins chilly, by lunchtime you’re regretting the sweater you selected as your #ootd and using the a/c as you pick up the kids from school. Getting dressed this time of year can be frustrating. You don’t want to have to change your entire outfit by 2 pm because you’re too warm. That’s why I’ve put together 3 fall outfit ideas to help you make the right choices without having to change clothes completely when the sun peeks out and you’re feeling toasty.

Fall Outfit #1 Flannel to Lightweight Blouse

Start your day in flannel, even throw on a cardigan if the morning is especially chilly. I chose wedge sneakers but the outfit would also look put together by wearing booties, riding boots, or flats.

fall outfit 1Later when you’re feeling a tad warm, all you need to do is change your shirt. Easy switch for a busy mom on-the-go.

fall outfit 2Fall Outfit #2: Shirt Dress

You cannot go wrong with a shirt dress. They look classy and put together with minimal effort on your part. This look would work with almost sleeve length as well as any shift-type dress in your closet, not just a shirt dress.

Start your day off wearing a cardigan or a jacket over the dress. These dresses get a modern look when you wear booties, but a flat or riding boots would complete the outfit too.

Fall Outfit 3Later, when it’s warmer, simply remove your cardigan or jacket and you’re good to go!

Fall outfit 4Fall Outfit #3: Black jeans + Chambray Button-Down Under a Poncho Sweater

I realize not everyone has a poncho sweater in their closet… and my purpose is not to get you to go buy new clothes. I’m a huge advocate of using what you already own. So if you do not own a poncho sweater but do own a pullover sweater, or a poncho… use what you’ve got on hand! 

The beauty of a chambray button-down + black jeans… it’s basically a neutral outfit waiting for you to add on almost anything! BUT it also looks classy and put-together all on its own, too. 

Begin your day with the sweater of your choosing over the chambray button-down.

Then, when the temperature rises, remove the sweater and it’s back to black + chambray basics!

fall outfit 6I hope these three easy outfits have inspired you! And just to recap:

  • Go for outfits in layers so as the day gets warmer, it doesn’t require a total change of clothes.
  • Piece some “new” outfits together from items you already own! Like I said, use what you have before you go running out to buy something new. 
  • These outfits are inspirations, no need to feel they are to be copied exactly. You have your own style, flair, and creativity mama! Let that show in your clothes!

Happy fall, and all that comes with it! Chilly mornings to sweaty afternoons! 

Have fun with your fall outfits and I’d love to see what you’re wearing! Post a picture of your fall #ootd in the comments and inspire other mamas with your clothing selections!

This article was originally published on November 5, 2019.
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