In our go-go-go culture, the outfits we reach for often consist of athleisure, jeans, or leggings & tunics. This leaves us with closets that contain clothing we rarely wear and when we don’t wear those pieces, we become unfamiliar with how to put them together. Enter the holiday season where you receive multiple party invitations of varying levels of formality. Ahhhh, holiday attire.

You step into your closet thinking “I probably shouldn’t show up in leggings and a tunic.” But don’t hit up Nordstrom just yet, mama friend! I want to show you a few ideas for holiday party attire… and you may already have exactly what you need, right in your closet.

My Goal

I enjoy getting dressed up for parties. It doesn’t feel “cool” to admit that anymore, but I’ll say it anyway. While I enjoy it, I recognize not everyone shares my opinion. My goal here isn’t to convince you to change. It’s to show you:

1. You may already own most, if not all, you need for a holiday party outfit.
2. You don’t even have to enjoy getting “fancy” to make a little effort.

Holiday Attire Guidelines

In this post I won’t suggest donning a ball gown (unless your invite says “white tie required”… in that case we need to talk… and I’d like to be invited :-D). We will stick to a few guidelines when it comes to party attire:

  1. Never underestimate details. Adding some sparkle, a clutch purse, and heels can instantly take many outfits from “everyday” to “par-tay.”
  2. Keep an eye on your neckline and hemline. While we mamas enjoy getting dolled up occasionally to feel fabulous, let your smile, conversation, and confidence be the stars of the show. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little of what God gave you, but if you’re going to show some skin, just pick one. Legs OR neckline and not both.
  3. Along with keeping an eye on your “lines,” be conscious of who will be at the party as well as the purpose of the party. Girls night out? Showing a little more skin is appropriate. Your husband’s company cocktail party? Stick with something feminine and classy. Christmas concert and dinner after with friends? Something simple yet with a hint of elegance would be an excellent choice.
  4.  And again, think of the party in terms of what is appropriate and what isn’t by researching the event’s venue. A cocktail party hosted in a private room in a downtown bar, you could probably get away with something a little more “edgy.” If the invitation makes any suggestions for your attire, try your best to stick close to that. Cocktail attire is not formal, but not casual either. Business casual usually means nice jeans are ok with a dressy top and shoes.

Now that we got all the guidelines out of the way… let’s get to the outfits!

Jumping for Jumpsuits

This jumpsuit is technically a summer item. I turned it into holiday party appropriate by adding a fancy necklace, some bangles, a clutch purse and heels. Do you have a summer jumpsuit you can turn into holiday attire?


The Little Black Dress, she is timeless and versatile. This is no right or wrong silhouette for a LBD (just keep the “lines” in mind!) and you can wear some fun shoes and jewelry to add your own personal flare to your outfit!

Edgy in All Black

Edgy in all black would work well for a less formal event, but you still look chic and ready to celebrate. All black offers limitless options for accessories. Once again add heels, a clutch, and some sparkle and you’re party ready!

Festive in Flannel

Make your flannel festively fancy by pairing it with a fun party skirt. The holidays are a great excuse to wear items made of tulle, sparkle, lace, and shimmer. Here again, I added my fancy necklace, heels, and clutch to take this ensemble up a few notches.

I hope these outfits inspire you to get in your closet, be friends with what you already own, and make them party ready! Are you missing a clutch or some sparkle? I bet you have a mama friend who would be happy to loan you an item or two for your special night out. And don’t forget to share a picture of your holiday attire with us!

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