Want to move toward nontoxic skincare, but find it overwhelming? Most of us don’t have time to study ingredients, so I’ve compiled a list of online retailers that curate for us. These companies don’t sell brands that use green-washing, the practice of making a product look natural and organic when it’s not.

And there are products to fit most budgets. 

Moms of teenage girls, I have a soft spot in my heart for your daughters. Our teenage girls have a lot to tackle in their everyday lives. Let’s make sure their skincare and makeup products aren’t making it even harder, throwing their hormones way off, contributing to acne, or diminishing their chances of having a baby one day. 

This post isn’t sponsored. These are my personal thoughts and opinions, based on my own research.

My favorite curators: 

1. Credo Beauty 

2. Aillea 

3. The Detox Market

4. The Choosy Chick

Nontoxic skincare brands also available at Target: 

1. Acure

2. Cocokind

3. Weleda

4. S.W. Basics

5. Badger

6. W3ll People

7. Zuzu Luxe

8. Gabriel Cosmetics

Most of the nontoxic skincare brands you’ll find on ‘My favorite curators’ list are not available in big-box stores, other than the second list of what Target carries. Even in the “natural beauty” section of those stores, be mindful. There are many harmful ingredients there, too. And remember, the way a product looks or what it claims on the front isn’t usually reality. The reality is on the back, in the ingredients.

For more on this topic, the new documentary Toxic Beauty reveals some information that might be helpful. Here’s to your health, and the health of those you love! 

non toxic skincare

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