Fourth of July and summer time is the perfect time to rock your red, white and blue. But don’t just reach for the typical flag graphic t-shirt; why not try mixing pieces in your closet to create a more elevated patriotic look? I’m here to give you some ideas for how to pull it off.

Use What You’ve Got

Take a look in your closet. Do you have any of the following items?

  • White shorts/jeans/skirts
  • A solid t-shirt/tank top in red, white, or blue
  • Denim shorts or a skirt
  • A scarf or bandana
  • Accessories that are red, white, blue, or gold
  • A sun dress that has any combinations of red, white, or blue in any print, pattern, or is solid
  • Any piece of clothing that has stripes
  • A patriotic graphic tee, or a white tee that has a minimalist graphic design
  • A denim vest, either blue or white

My guess is, you do. And since you probably own at least one of the items above, you can put together a fun, festive, and classy patriotic look for your July 4th celebrations.

#1 White Bottoms for your Base

Grab your white shorts and use that as your base for creating a casual and neutral patriotic look. I used a polka dot neck scarf as a headband to add some print, and my metallic sandals for some shine. I know the photo makes my shirt look purplish, but I promise, it’s really a deep red color. Use the shades you own in your closet and make them work!
July Fourth 1

#2 Wear Your Stripes

No matter where you wear your stripes, they play well in a patriotic ensemble. Here I paired my graphic tank with a striped skirt. Your red, white, and blue can be bold or as understated as you’d like!July Fourth 3

#3 White tee with a minimal graphic

White tees are a staple in any closet. No matter if your white tee is solid or not, use it as your base and build your outfit from there. Here I reached for my COS MOM tee, denim shorts, and a simple red neck scarf. This look is easy, but pulled together. (Do you have a COS MOM shirt yet? Read my post with more ideas for how to style this excellent tee!)

#4 Dress it up

A dress is one of the easiest ways to go. It requires literally zero thinking as far as what to pair with it. Your dress will most likely look different than mine, but no matter if your dress is white with red polka dots or red with white and blue floral print… you can make your dress work! Use the dress as the base, and choose your accessories accordingly. Here all I needed to add was a pair of red earrings.July Fourth 4

I hope these tips and ideas have inspired you to get into your closet and play around with red, white and blue combinations! Have fun with your clothes and enjoy your July 4th celebrations!

red white and blue