Secondhand Shopping: An Affordable Way To Spruce up your Wardrobe


New Body, New Clothes

I love to shop!  Trying out new styles and updating my wardrobe is really enjoyable.  However, with an ever-changing motherly figure, it can be difficult to feel good in what you’re wearing without buying new things. Over the last decade, it’s been nice to keep my wardrobe updated with my current body, and at a budget suited for our family.

Thrift stores aren’t your thing?

Sometimes, I hear from ladies that they can never find anything at the secondhand store!  When I get asked where I’ve purchased something I’m wearing and respond that I found it at a thrift store, they seem discouraged.

I realize that shopping is not an epically exciting treasure hunt for everyone. It can be draining and defeating for some.  So, a thrift store may not be the best option for you.  Good news!  There are so many other wonderful ways to shop secondhand that can be an enjoyable and easier experience for you.

Online, you can use websites such as and  Once you know a particular style or brand that suits you, you can specifically search for those discounted items on the websites.  Shopping for women’s clothing items locally on Facebook marketplace is another great option. Buying clothes from other women in our community makes for a very fun connection.  Sometimes, you might even wind up making a new friend out of the deal!

If you want more of a boutique experience, there are local businesses that specialize in that, too. It can be wonderful to have a fashionista with an eye for style to help you track down the right items for you!

Local Thrift Boutiques

Savour Boutique is a locally owned online consignment shop that sells women’s clothing. The owner makes it very easy and convenient for you to consign your clothes with her if you want to make some extra money.  No appointments are necessary and you can just drop bags off on her doorstep. She will even donate clothes for you that she is unable to sell. How easy is that?! Online shopping is available to suit your wardrobe needs, too.  I suggest you browse the website for more details.  There’s even a $10 and under section!

2nd Hand Savvy is a local online shop that will curate and customize secondhand wardrobe items specifically for you. The owner even delivers locally! I love her heart and passion behind her business. Her mission is to slow down fast fashion and uplift women!  I encourage you to take a look at her Instagram account @2nd_hand_savvy.  Her weekly reels are worth a watch, too.

Shopping local, and helping our community’s economy is a fun and affordable way to keep your closet feeling fresh and find items that work really well for you.

Thrift Shop Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite shops to go thrifting in town:

Life Network Thrift Store is one of my favorite local stores to donate and shop. They are always friendly, very organized, and support a wonderful cause.

Goodwill stores have many locations around the Springs.  They are a philanthropic non-profit, and give discounts for certain color tags, military, and teachers!  Be sure to check individual stores for specific discounts.

New Horizons Thrift Store is a very clean and organized larger shop off of Academy Boulevard.   I love shopping here for clothing, kids resources and home goods.  Plus, there’s a drive-thru coffee nearby to fuel up beforehand!

Between Friends and Ashley’s Attic are other local thrift boutiques that I currently have my eye on, but have not visited yet.

How about you? What are your favorite places to go on a treasure hunt for thrift items?


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