Thanksgiving Day Outfit Inspiration


I want to blame my mother – but now being a mom makes me slightly hesitant – but honestly, it is her fault. I am used to having an outfit for every holiday. I’m pretty sure it’s fairly common for most family members (let’s be real here, my husband doesn’t always eat Christmas ham with new threads) to get Christmas outfits and even Easter outfits. And while I don’t really remember any of my Thanksgiving outfits as a child, I’m sure she bought me one. So my mother is the reason I feel the need to have a Thanksgiving outfit. (And a Fourth of July, and New Years Eve, and Presidents Day… I’m kidding. But only about that last one.)

But what to wear for a day filled with a giant, delicious dinner and seconds on dessert? Well lucky for us who can’t wait to help herself to several slices of apple pie, flowy is super in right now! Pair a flowy top or sweater with faux leather leggings or skinny jeans and I’m calling that a great Thanksgiving outfit.

CSMB thanksgiving inspritation

Don’t let leather leggings scare you; just think regular leggings, but dressier! And if you tend to be even more dressy for your Thanksgiving dinner – maybe dinner is cranberry-stuffed cornish game hens – then throw on a pair of heels with the leather leggings and something sparkly around your neck. But really, you could wear something sparkly around your neck anytime and it would be perfectly okay.

Have I convinced you on the need for a Thanksgiving outfit? And even if buying something isn’t in the cards (turkeys are expensive!) there must be something in your closet that just says T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G! When in doubt, I always gravitate towards the oranges and yellows for my turkey dinner.

Are you a holiday outfit shopper too? You can admit it… after all, it’s your mom’s fault.