The 3 R’s of Beautiful Holiday Skin: Renew, Revive, Restore


Holiday Skin As we head into the Holiday Season, most of us want to refresh and brighten our appearance. Many safe, effective and affordable treatments and products help us do just that for our skin.


Sun exposure over the summer months can lead to brown discoloration on the face, neck, chest and hands. This creates a dull and aged appearance. Chemical peels, lasers and products can all be used to eliminate these sun spots.

Lasers are especially effective on people with white or light brown skin. Lasers have more risk in people with darker skin. That means chemical peels can be a good option for darker Hispanics or African Americans. Consider medical grade products that contain prescription strength hydroquinone and Retin-A. These have been shown in multiple studies to significantly reduce hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, they can be used on all skin types.  

Colorado gets sunshine all year round (which is why we all love living here!) so it is important to always use a good, physical block sunscreen, such as Elta MD, in order not to continue getting sun damage.


The dry environment in Colorado also predisposes us to rough, dry skin.

Regular medical-grade facials which incorporate microdermabrasion and mild chemical peels help to combat this and restore softer, smoother skin. Microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation which also stimulates a little bit of collagen production. Mild chemical peels provide an additional exfoliation and cleanse the pores.

Together, they product better texture and reduce pore size.


As we age, the products that we put on our skin become more and more important.

A good anti-aging regiment includes Growth Factors, Retin-A or retinol, antioxidants and sunscreen. Growth Factors stimulate collagen and elastin production and help with cellular repair (which slows as we age). Retin-A also increases collagen production and helps our skin cells to turn over more quickly. (Just like they do when we are young).

Antioxidants protect us from environmental damage. Sun exposure is a huge external aging factor and physical block sunscreen protects us from those effects.

Products that can only be bought with physician oversight contain higher percentages of active ingredients than do products that can be bought elsewhere. If you spend money on skin care, you should be spending it on medical grade products. These have studies showing they do what they claim to do and have a high percentage of active ingredients.

Lines, Lines, Lines

Lines on our face form from years of repeated underlying muscle movement.

These lines include our 11’s (or the lines in between our eyebrows), crow’s feet and forehead lines. Other lines are formed by loss of facial fat as we age. These include the nasolabial folds (lines from the outside of our nostrils to the corners of our mouth), the marionette lines (those below the corners of our mouth) and the nasojugal lines (the ones that flatten our cheeks and make us look tired).

Botox and Dysport work beautifully to soften the lines caused by underlying muscle movement while fillers such as Juvederm and Voluma restore volume in areas that are suffering from fat loss. And Genesis prides itself on injecting Botox and fillers in ways that allow both women and men to look very natural and not “over-done.”

We were just named Best MedSpa by the Independent, in large part due to our reputation as expert injectors.

May Your Skin be Merry and Bright

So, whether you are looking to improve texture, get rid of some lines or just be proactive about the aging process, talk to our friends at Genesis MedSpa. They offer free consultations and can help you get the skin you want. Beautiful skin is the genius of Genesis!

We are so thankful to Dr. Lisa Jenks, MD of Genesis MedSpa for providing this sponsored post highlighting the importance of making good choices when it comes to our skin care.