40 Easy and Healthy (Kid Friendly) Snacks!


Did you know that 7 days without a pun makes one weak? 

Well… now you know! No one wants to be weak and one way to avoid that fate is by snacking. Right?!

Snacks give us energy to sustain us until the next meal and fuels our day so that we can do what we love. To say snacking is important seems like a vast understatement. No one wants to be hangry and snacking is an easy way to maintain strength and stamina.

What are the best snacks? Leftovers or tiny meals are best. Little meals that are full of protein, carbs and healthy fats. However, when life gets busy, when you are constantly on the go and short on time, you simply must grab something fast and easy. If that sounds like you, then I have the list for you. A list of healthy, easy and kid friendly snacks! 

Here are 40 delicious snack ideas!

The Classics: Everyone’s favorite go-to snacks. 

1. Apple and nut butter (almond, peanut, cashew)

2. Whole grain crackers, sliced meat and veggies (AKA healthy lunchable)

3. Granola and Greek yogurt

4. Hard boiled eggs

5. Avocado toast

6. Oatmeal and berries 

7. Popcorn

8. Rice crackers and nut butter

9. Trail mix

10. Celery and peanut butter (ants on a log) 

11. Sliced meat and cheese 

12. Tortilla chips and salsa

The Allergy Friendly: no nuts, dairy, gluten…

13. Smoothies and homemade popsicles

14. Veggies and hummus 

15. Plantain chips and guacamole

16. Rice and beans 

17. Veggie sandwich (lettuce, guacamole, sprouts, tomatoes) 

18. Bell peppers and guacamole

19. Edamame (crunchy and baked) 

20. Fresh fruit

21. Roasted chickpeas 

22. Veggie pita pocket (tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, beans)

23. Sliced meat and avocado

24. Roasted pumpkin seeds

25. Bell peppers and sliced meat 

26. Roasted seaweed 

27. Apple, banana, coconut  chips or freeze dried fruit 

28. Baked sweet potato fries or chips 

29. Veggie and bean taco

30. BLT tortilla wrap

31. Smoothie bowl with fresh fruit, coconut, seeds and nuts on top

The Edgy: Towing the line between healthy and not so healthy but VERY delicious and satisfying.

32. Protein bar (be wary of the sugar content)

33. Pretzels and nut butter 

34. Dark chocolate (over 70%) and almonds (or any nuts)

35. Protein pancakes with maple syrup 

36. Greek chocolate and chocolate chips 

37. Banana and peanut butter sandwich

38. Apple sauce and cacao powder or chocolate chips 

39. Peanut butter, banana and honey roll up 

40. Bacon wrapped dates 

What would you add to this list?

Remember, don’t live life hangry. Live life to the fullest. Happy snacking! 

7 Tips to Help Kids Snack Healthier!

1. Homemade “lunchables.” (Little pieces of meat, cheese and crackers)

2. Keep it balanced. Think macros! Make sure to offer a protein, carbohydrate and a healthy fat. 

3. Always serve veggies! (Let them see you eat them AND enjoy them.)

4. All else fails, focus on protein. This will help sustain them and keep them full longer. 

5. Meal prep! When you do your meal prepping, add snacks. It helps to have a container of pre-prepped snacks available for a quick grab and go!

6. Encourage water! (Thirst often is confused with hunger.) 

7. Play, then eat! Snacking can feel endless with little ones. Often kids will snack because they are simply bored and looking for something to do. 

What are some of your kids favorite snacks?

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