5 Things I’m Grateful For


Years ago, I read Oprah Winfrey’s book: What I know for Sure. The book changed my perspective on gratitude. Oprah keeps a gratitude journal; every day she writes down five things that she is grateful for. I don’t always write it down, but I try really hard to think of what I am grateful for — especially on the days that I feel down, grumpy, blah. I have always considered myself an optimist, but there have been times the past year or two that it has been difficult to always see the good.

This is my pandemic gratitude list:

  1. Curbside pick-up is by far my favorite thing that has come out of a pandemic. I might not ever shop in a store again. As a mom with 3 littles, I can run so many errands without having to unbuckle, buckle again, bribe my children and stop them from touching everything in arm’s reach. I really dislike paying for shipping, so this is also a big plus for me! It helps me shop local more often, too.
  2. My husband works from home more. We love when he does because we get to eat lunch with him and see him during the day. The kids think it is sooo exciting to get to talk to daddy while he is working.
  3. If the weather is nice, we are outside. We have explored every area of our neighborhood. Found new trails, rediscovered old favorites. We also love going on short hikes. The kids have big imaginations and I love seeing them explore outside and dream up what animals live there. Sometimes it’s completely made up and other times we talk about actual animals and their homes.
  4. My kids. We recently welcomed our 3rd into the world. She is so loved and watching her older siblings love on her has been pretty amazing to watch. Yes, they are my cop out answer, but moms get it. They are always the best part of our day.
  5. Leggings. I love that leisure wear/gym wear became REALLY acceptable the past few years. I was never a leggings-as-pants-wearer, but I now have fully embraced that lifestyle. I might never go back.

These are five things I’m grateful for, but I want to know yours, too. And if anyone read Oprah’s book, did it shift your perspective, too?