A Convenient, Walk-In Option for Bone and Joint Injuries

We are thankful to Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group for providing this sponsored post.

 Injured? Sick? In pain? Trying to decide quickly where to seek medical attention can be stressful and complicated. The level of care and price vary widely, depending on the option you select. The three main choices? Urgent Care walk-in clinic, Emergency Room or Express Care.  

Where Should You Go?

Urgent Care

An Urgent Care walk-in clinic is the place to go for allergies, sinus infections, headaches, coughs and colds. In general, complaints that should be treated within 24 hours.

Emergency Room

As the name suggests, an Emergency Room is the place for genuine emergencies. ER care is designed to stabilize and treat urgent medical situations.

Providers here assess patients as quickly and effectively as possible in order to save lives.  The ER triage system allows for those needing immediate attention to be seen first. That is great if you have chest pain, bleeding that won’t stop, loss of consciousness or severe burns. But if you arrive at the ER with a sprained ankle, you will be a lower priority. That means you’re likely to wait.  

At the Emergency Room, you also may be exposed to a host of contagious germs. And the cost of a trip to the ER is quite high.

Express Care

Bone or joint injuryColorado Springs Orthopaedic Group’s Express Care walk-in clinic provides a unique option. 

At our clinic, shorter wait times mean you can stop the pain sooner and start healing faster. Express is a specialty copay which is usually less than urgent care facilities. And the cash pay program is significantly lower than both an urgent care or the emergency room. At the CSOG Express Care clinic, you have direct access to specialists in bone, muscle and joint injury care. There is also less risk of contact with possible contagious germs found in emergency rooms and urgent care centers.

At the Express Care clinic, we treat all of the following:

No appointment? No problem. When the unexpected happens, go directly to the new Express Bone & Joint Injury Care Center! Call (719) 622-4550 to learn more.

Photo Credit: Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group