The Daily Practice: Four Power Components that Make Life Better

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Power Mom FeaturedHi, we are Trina and Tara O’Brien. And we believe that everyone reserves the right to be better. To be a better mom, partner, friend, leader, you name it.

Yesterday, we talked about why we developed the Daily Practice. Today, we’ll tell you what it is and what it can do for you.

Through our tried-and-proven method, we help moms gain energy, confidence and love themselves again. This movement is all about a mom becoming the best version of herself.  There is nothing out there like this for moms and we’re on a mission to empower and inspire their greatness.

Four Power Components

  1. Building You: How to determine where you are today and where you want to go. Build a roadmap for what we like to call your 2.0 version.
  2. Fueling You: How to keep nutrition simple without counting points or calories.
  3. Training You: How to quickly and effectively get real results without hours in the gym.
  4. Extending You: The first three Power Components grow you and support you. Extending You is about looking at where your relationships are today, how you can strengthen them, give more to them, and keep them healthy long-term.

To support you, here are two tips for each Power Component to help you create your own Daily Practice.

Building You: Create a “Power Hour” of Me Time

    1. Go to bed 10 minutes early and rise 10 minutes earlier. Do this until you’re going to bed an hour earlier and getting up an hour earlier.
    2. Have clear intentions and routines. Add quiet time for reflection. Journal, meditate/pray, listen to quiet music, an uplifting book – anything that feeds your soul.

Bonus Tip: Watch as we take Colorado Springs Mom Collective Owner Erica Colston through an accelerated learning technique that creates powerful change here.

Fueling You: Give your body the “fuel” it wants and needs to create the energy you want

    1. Drink a minimum of 8 ounces first thing in the morning.
    2. Plan your daily meals. Aim for a minimum of five vegetables and four fruits for the day.

Training you: Work out in the morning, so the demands of the day and others doesn’t get in the way

    1. Get your clothes ready the night before. Upon waking, get right into your clothes. Your mind will shift to “work-out” time.
    2. Decide on your workout the night before. Be clear, then act.

Extending You: Listening, connecting and spreading love

    1. Give at least 10 minutes of listening and connecting time to each of your kids and your partner. Communication is a powerful tool in staying close.
    2. Give or receive 12 hugs a day to help you keep the “love hormone” (oxytocin) alive. Spread your love while fostering your self-love, too.

Creating new habits takes time. The Daily Practice helps you build consistency. Over time, these small changes will create big results. To learn more about Power Mom and how we can coach you, please visit today.