DispatchHealth: The Must-Have Urgent Care Delivery Service for Moms


DispatchHealth Urgent CareOne child is sick and in need of urgent care. The other is having an epic meltdown. So what do you do? Pack their things, load up the car, travel to the nearest ER and sit in a crowded waiting room with two cranky kiddos.

We’ve all been there.

Instead of dragging your children out of the house and into a germ-filled office, what if they could receive care without leaving the couch? While urgent care delivery may sound too good to be true, DispatchHealth is providing a real service making a real difference for Colorado Springs moms.

Bringing Back the House Call

Unlike the traditional urgent care or emergency room visit, DispatchHealth will send a team of board-certified caregivers to your home, saving you time, money and most importantly — your sanity. Appointments are requested via phone, web or a mobile app. When a patient calls to request medical care, the operator medically screens the situation to determine whether DispatchHealth is an appropriate response. If appropriate, a medical team will typically arrive at your home within a few hours.

Each team that is dispatched consists of a medical technician and an ER-trained and board-certified nurse practitioner or physician assistant. These clinicians are always supported by an on-call emergency room physician. They can treat anything an urgent care center can, plus more. They even follow up three days after the visit to check in and see how the patient is doing. And while you may think a service like this will break the bank, DispatchHealth visits are typically 10 times less expensive than the average ER visit. They accept all major insurance plans and also accept a flat fee if you’re uninsured.


If you need more convincing, just check out the raving reviews online. DispatchHealth is the must-have care service that’s been missing from your life.

If you have healthy kids now, download the app for later. Your future self will love you for it.

We are so thankful to DispatchHealth for providing this sponsored post.