You are Invited to Genesis MedSpa’s Millennial Event


Alright Millennials, we know you’re out there. Raise your hand if you were born between 1982 and the early 2000’s. If that’s you, or your friend, sister, or coworker, then listen up. We have a fabulous event to tell you about that is just for millennials, and you don’t want to miss it.

Genesis MedSpa Millennial Event InviteJoin Genesis MedSpa on Wednesday, September 20th from 5:00 – 7:00 P.M for an evening of pampering. Enjoy appetizers, drinks and free treatments. A mixologist will be onsite teaching creative drink-making and a make-up artist will demonstrate techniques for highlighting and contouring of the cheeks. 

Why Millennials?

In the last five years, millennial women have shifted skin care trends. When Dr. Lisa Jenks, owner and medical director of Genesis MedSpa, first opened her spa, almost all of her clients were over the age of 50. They were making appointments to correct existing damage from years of being in the sun and not taking care of their skin. Today, 1/3 of her clients are younger than 45 and are concerned about taking proactive anti-aging steps now to prevent future damage. 

Why Genesis MedSpa?

The mission of Genesis MedSpa is to educate their clients regarding the health of their skin. With a combination of treatments and medical-grade products, Genesis MedSpa’s clients receive a complete health-care program for their skin. 

Genesis’ emphasis on customer service gives each person who walks through their door a pampering, high-class experience. The beautiful facility, soft music, and lovely gift of flowers on each visit create a calm and relaxing experience.

Skin-Care Tips

Since education is their passion, you can expect to receive numerous anti-aging skin care tips during the Millennial Event. Here are three of their favorite tips to get you started on your anti-aging regimen today:

Genesis’ First Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip:   Use sunscreen daily and throughout the day. The sunshine in Colorado is a wonderful thing for our mental health! However, sun exposure causes discoloration, wrinkles, rough texture and, potentially, skin cancer. It is important to remember that neither clouds nor altitude impact UVA rays. That means you get as much UVA exposure on a sunny day up in the mountains as you do on a cloudy day at sea level. This is why sunscreen matters. Genesis offers a colorless, powdered sunscreen that you can reapply over makeup, making reapplication a no-brainer.

Genesis’ Second Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip: Topical antioxidants and retinols are important to start using early in adulthood. Antioxidants have been proven to neutralize damaged cells so that they don’t result in poor texture, brown spots or cancer. Retinols help stimulate collagen production and exfoliate the skin. Only use medical-grade skin care products, which have a higher percentage of active ingredients than to over the counter products.

Genesis’ Third Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip: If you want to prevent wrinkles in the crows’ feet, the forehead and the glabella (frown lines between the eyebrows), start using Botox in your 20’s or 30’s. Botox has been proven to temporarily get rid of existing wrinkles, BUT to permanently stop new wrinkles from forming. So, in order to not get wrinkles, start Botox early.

To learn more anti-aging tips, while enjoying some much-deserved pampering, come on out to Genesis MedSpa’s Millennial Event on September 20th from 5:00 – 7:00 P.M. If that evening doesn’t work for you, please give them a call at 579-6890 and mention this post. They will be happy to get you in for a free consultation.


We are thankful to Genesis MedSpa for sponsoring this post, but as always, the thoughts and opinions in this post are our own. We partner with brands we love and trust.