March Fourth, March Forth


Please don’t pull that trigger, don’t,
And please don’t hang a rope.
Although what you’re facing now
Is so far from a joke.

Please don’t take those pills today,
Go put away your knife,
Your world is dark and gloomy, yes,
But please don’t end your life.

Get out of your car right now,
Stop breathing in the fumes,
Enough have lost to suicide,
And visit loved ones’ tombs.

Don’t climb atop that canyon
Just so you can take a leap.
Or walk across a bridge to plunge
Into the water deep.

Please go find a counselor,
a doctor or a friend.
Although your life is tough right now
Don’t say it needs to end.

I lost my dad to suicide
March 4th of ‘91
I pray each day his soul resides
With Jesus, God’s own son.

He’s missed so much while I’ve grown up,
My wedding, babies too.
And if you make the choice to go
Your family will miss you.

While my tears all fall today
I promise I’ll survive.
Yes, my troubles hurt my heart
But I vow to stay alive.

March forth. 


Need help? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at: 1-800-273-8255 or go to

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Jessica is a hard-working wife, mom, secretary, believer, confidant, makeup connoisseur, dog lover and world champion stealer of the covers. Oklahoma born and raised, and not in the most ideal of situations, Jessica looks to find humor in the mundane. Currently employed with the wonderful Academy School District 20 utilizing her background in administrative work, event planning, fundraising and outreach, Jessica is an encourager to those around her. Her love of writing developed at an early age and she continues to nurture it daily.


  1. WOW! Powerful, raw, and beautiful! I’m so sorry for your loss and so thankful for your courage to share.

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