Power Mom: Creating a Better You

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Power Mom FeaturedBeep, beep, beep… your alarm clock. The day begins.

You stumble to the bathroom. Your reflection tells the tale. Tired, puffy, red eyes. Wondering how you are going to make it through your day.

Coffee. You head downstairs and hit the beloved red button on your coffee pot. Drip, drip, drip… Ahhh, the smell.

You click on your phone. Mindless Facebook scrolling. Five minutes pass. The dripping sound stops. Your head snaps up as your focus comes back into the real world. You grab your favorite mug and watch steam rise as you pour the black liquid into your cup. Sugar, cream, stir. Mmmm… your first sip of hot coffee for the day.

The savored moment is gone in a flash. It’s time to get the kids up. Morning craziness. Wake kids. Dress kids. Feed kids. Make kids lunch. Grab a lukewarm sip of coffee; two if you’re lucky.

You shower and get ready. “Hurry and get into the car,” you yell to the kids. “Grab your lunch and don’t forget your homework.” You speed off, drop your kids off at school (in the nick of time) and head to the office or home to piles of laundry and dishes as you sip your now-cold cup of coffee.

Mom Life

You’ve only left the house and you’re already drained. Come end of day, all you’ll want to do is put the kids to bed and veg on the couch.

You give and give to everyone else, but never to yourself. You’ve lost yourself in the midst of mom life. You’re living life feeling exhausted, unmotivated and rushed. It’s ok if you’re nodding your head right now. Raise your hand if some of this sounds familiar.

What if we told you that you don’t need to live your life this way any longer?

Hello, we are Trina O’Brien and Tara O’Brien.

Life-Changing Day

Let me (Tara) tell you about my life-changing day. I was heading home from my corporate job. As I slid into my car, the cold from outside and the exhaustion of the day followed me. I didn’t want to go home. As I stopped the car, I had a total meltdown. I screamed and slammed my hands on the steering wheel.

The truth? The thought of walking in the door to the job of “mom” felt daunting. I loved my kids and my wife, but the person I didn’t love was me. I felt disgusted with myself. I’d put everyone else before me and put myself on the back burner. I was unmotivated, tired and had lost all my confidence and self-love.

My mind raced back to something I had recently read: “Do you want to be average because average is just like everybody else.” Here I was, living an average life. I knew there was another level that I wanted to reach.

As I pressed the gas and pulled back onto the road, I promised myself to begin living a happier, healthier and more-energized life.

I went home, walked in the door and told Trina all about what had just happened. We decided to look for a program for moms, and interestingly enough, couldn’t find one. So, we created one: Power Mom.

Power Mom Life

I have gone from:

  • Exhausted to energized
  • Unmotivated to confidently determined
  • Having no time for myself to now creating time for myself

I’ve leveled-up my life and I love who I am. You can, too!

Tomorrow, Trina and I will talk more about how to be a better you through the Daily Practice and how you, too, can be a power mom.