This winter has had me dreaming about a big yard transformation this summer. My husband, who grew up in lush England, has his doubts about being able to support beautiful landscaping with the new Water Wise rules that are being put in place in Colorado Springs. The new rules restrict timing and frequency of irrigating this summer. I am hopeful that with the advice of legitimate experts, he will be pleasantly surprised how gorgeous our back yard will look even while being wise about water use in the arid climate.

No Green Thumb Here

I did not inherit my mom’s green thumb. You really wouldn’t think I came from hundreds of years of good farming stock. My beautiful back yard is going to have to be water frugal AND super easy to maintain.

So Many Resources

Let’s recap – we live in a semi-arid climate, I have a brown thumb, and I’d rather throw parties in the backyard then maintain it. So why do I have so much confidence in my ability to have a great yard? We have tons of resources in Colorado Springs to make it easy!

Colorado Springs Utilities

One tremendous resource is the Conservation and Environmental Center located at 2855 Mesa Road. They have a Water Wise Demonstration Garden and Yard exhibit that is free to wander aground. The passionate workers at the center have spent years creating different landscaping looks to give you inspiration for everything from a wildflower meadow to a front yard landscape that can be achieved with getting free plants from social media sites. They have a series of classes offered that can help you with plant and grass selections, sprinkler system improvements, and landscape care.

If you’re confident in your gardening skills but aren’t sure what plants do well here, they have a website with all different kinds of plants.

Garden Centers

For those who need more hand holding, there are some fantastic garden centers in the Springs that are tremendous resources. Every year, Phelan Gardens draws me in, but I have other friends that swear by Rick’s Nursery, Good Earth and others.

Pikes Peak Area Plant Sales

  • Horticultural Arts Society Plant Sale. May 15, 16, and 17. A group of professional and amateur horticulturalists have an annual plant sale to support their Demonstration and Heritage Gardens. This is a great resource for plants that will thrive here and be able to talk with people passionate about creating beautiful landscapes.
  • Annual Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Plant Sale. This plant sale happens every Memorial Day weekend. They have a fantastic selection of plants that do well in our climate and sales benefit the zoo. What a fun way to support animals!
  • Manitou Springs Garden Club Plant Sale. May 30. This is another local plant sale to take advantage of. I haven’t been able to check this one out yet, and wasn’t able to find much information online, but I’m hoping to stop by this year!

Here’s to beautiful yards to enjoy with our favorite people!