Ideas for Filling your Home with Photos

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One of the compliments I get the most when friends and family come over is about how many photos we use in our décor and that fill our home. Usually, then followed by feeling like they cannot accomplish the same thing. For a variety of reasons (they don’t know where to print their photos, they don’t have ideas for printing their photos, they feel like they should only print professional photos, etc), many people end up not printing many or even any photos for their home.

Having a home filled with photos brings me so much joy! I love seeing how our family has grown, reliving memories, sharing stories with guests, and just seeing the people that make this house a home!

Today, I wanted to give you some ideas for how you can fill your home with your photos, so you can experience the same kind of joy and celebrate the story of your family!


One of the most popular ways to print your photos is by making a photo book. I have a wedding album, family yearbooks, and a couple other travel albums that I like to keep on display. I used to have the hardest time figure out how to store these for easy access (since my coffee table was getting overrun) and then had the brilliant idea to put them all on some shelves. Now they not only decorate a wall in my home, they also are easy to grab and look through! I love making photobooks and then adding them to our display. Once this shelf trio fills up, I’ll find another wall to take over 😉

Photo Ledges

They make photo ledges that are shelves with a built-in lip. These are perfect for stacking up several framed photos. I took a wall in my livingroom and put five shelves together to make it stretch all the way across. This is one of my favorite walls in my house and every year or so I update a couple of the pictures to keep it fresh! It’s a fun way to add character to a wall!

Hanging Prints

They make canvas prints and poster prints that you can hang in wooden frames for a unique look in your home. These can also be a way to print a big print at an affordable price!

Instax Prints Frames

Okay, I love taking photos with my Instax camera and so does my 2-year-old! I think it is so fun to instantly have a print in your hands, but sometimes it is hard to know what to do with them next! I found these Instax frames on Amazon and think they are so fun to display those photos! This is a moody set my toddler took and I love having them on our wall!

Photo Booth Prints

Speaking of instant prints, I love doing photo booths! My favorite thing is to stick them into mirrors, put them on bulletin boards, or hang them on the fridge!

Photo Calendar

I love to make a calendar every year with our photos on it! I pick a photo from that month the previous year and it is like a one-year-ago this month reminder! It is functional and changes each month!

Canvas Prints

You can order large canvas prints to hang in your home and they make a great statement! I typically choose a fun photo of the whole family for something like this. It may be tempting to get a bunch from the same photo shoot, but I stick to one. It is easier to incorporate it into your décor years down the road when you add updated family photo canvases!

Photo Holders

I love to get a bunch of high quality prints from Artifact Uprising and these photo holders can easily be swapped out with a new photo to display! These are great for nightstands (that is where we keep ours!)

Frame your Christmas Card

The last idea I wanted to share was to frame your Christmas card as part of your holiday display! I always make sure to keep a card when we send them out each year so that we can enjoy it, too! Also, I keep all the old ones and hang them up so we can admire our Christmas card history!!

I hope some of these ideas inspired you to print more photos and fill your home with life! Happy photo decorating!