The Importance of Mother’s Day and Connections


Mother's Day ConnectionMother’s Day and Father’s Day are big deals in our house. We do not just exchange presents, have breakfast, or go to the movies. It is a day, weekend, or longer to bond with the littles, extended family, and be pampered.

When I first became a mother, I lived in another state then mine. Initially my Mother’s Day focused solely on me with a video call to my mom and present for her. Now, we all live in Colorado Springs, so Mother’s and Father’s Day is usually multiple days.

Celebrating Each Other

This is so I can celebrate my mom, sister, other women and spend time with my littles. We usually have a day or two just for mothers. These days involve some pampering such as a massage or pedicure/manicure. Then, we go to lunch or dinner to celebrate and commiserate about the rollercoaster of being a mother. We have also gone to the movies, rock climbed, been pampered at a full day spa, or whatever we decide sounds fun (and fits the budget) that year.

We hope in the future to be in a place financially where many of us can go away for a mom’s trip. The bonding is great, and it helps decompress from the prior year, talk about issues or problems, and realize we are not alone in the journey or parenting. It really helps cement the bond and fun of being mothers.

Connection with Littles

Hanging out with other moms is great, but I also want to hang out with my littles and feel pampered by them. So, on a separate day, they wake me up with cards or gifts they have made. I have many colorful bead bracelets and painted rocks. They also make presents and/or cards for grandmothers and aunties. We then usually have a special breakfast of pancakes or waffles that they help make.

If it is a nice day (not a given in Colorado), we like to hike at one on our favorite venues like Helen Hunt falls or Red Rocks. Then we wind down with a movie or games that are mom’s choice and my favorite dinner and dessert. I am blessed that usually my littles rub my feet and give me extra kisses. They know the day is to celebrate mom, just as their birthday is to celebrate them.

The pampering and focus help to cement our bonds and become closer. It reminds me to focus on myself and unwind as often desperately needed in this world of multitasking. It also reminds my littles to prioritize someone other than themselves (a valuable lesson for toddlers) and gives them tools and ideas to make connections. They begin to learn the value of kindness and prioritizing others that are important in their lives.

Happy Mother’s Day to You!

We hope everyone has a fantastic Mother’s Day this year. What are some traditions you have created around the holiday and how do you connect with your littles and other loved ones?