Several friends have commented that our home is peaceful and relaxing. We have people in our house all the time and I’m not a perfectionist hostess, so this got me wondering about what makes our home feel peaceful. Here’s what I think. 

A Peaceful Home Includes…

Natural Elements

Light. Sunlight streaming through windows is a beautiful thing. Open up your shades, pull back your curtains and let that sunlight in. The more you can do to work with your home’s natural light, the better. If adding or enlarging windows is an option, do it!

Plants. Choosing some plants that work well in your space and match your level of plant care will uplift any room. My mother is a plant whisperer and during my days of plant-mom-failure, she took some in for rehab. Since then, she’s taught me to put my plants on a weekly watering schedule, watering the same day every week. It worked!

Decor. Pull natural elements into your home’s decor. The occasional bit of fur on a pillow or throw, a cowhide rug, woven grass baskets, wood and stone accents all make a place feel more peaceful. And they should be real natural things, not imitation. If you’re remodeling, include some natural elements in the remodel. They’re more timeless, too! 

Thoughtful Setup

Furnishing and Decor. You want appropriate amounts and appropriate placement. A crowded space burdens people. But a spare space can make people feel exposed, like there’s nowhere to nestle. Notice how you move through your home, and if you’re constantly walking around a piece of furniture, rethink its placement. If your home doesn’t flow easily, rearrange it. If that’s not in your skillset, make it a fun project for you and a friend who has an eye for it. 

Color and Style. Peace doesn’t come in a certain color or style, so whatever your favorites are, embrace them! Just make them consistent throughout your home. Choose a color scheme and style you like and generally stick to it in every room. This makes your home the good kind of predictable. 

TV. Move your TV out of the main living area, and move things in that interest your family. Our TV is in the basement, so we are intentional about what we watch, and we often find things we’d rather do instead. In our living area, we have several instruments out for anyone to play (including kids), interesting books, puzzles, and artwork. 

Visual Rest

Clean and Tidy. In our home, we shoot for reasonable. Everyone has a different threshold of mess tolerance, and yours will determine what you see as reasonable in your own home. If you and those you love are able to mentally and physically rest in your space, then I’d say it’s reasonably clean and tidy. 

Branding. I’ve removed most items with a brand label out of my daily view. It’s made a huge difference on my subconscious stress level. I made a small investment in glass soap dispensers that I love, along with choosing essential items I find pleasant to look at, like a pretty wooden broom. Labels are made to grab your attention and make you think about their message, and your brain has to process that. We have enough thoughts vying for brain space! 

Consider the Invisible

Air Quality. Artificial fragrance and toxic household chemicals can really affect mood and put a lot of stress on your body all day every day. For a peaceful home, remove all artificial fragrances and toxic cleaning products. Essential oils can be a good option for fragrance. Open windows for fresh air, bring in plants that are especially good at purifying the air, or invest in an air purifier. 

A Content and Generous Heart. Contentment and generosity go a long way in your home’s atmosphere, so don’t forget to check in with your heart! 

Peace in Your Home?

Let us know how this inspires you to make peaceful changes in your home, or if you would add anything to this list! 

peaceful home
Photo credit: Julia Young Photography
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