5 Coffee Shops to Visit in Colorado Springs… Plus a Few More


A good americano or latte is always welcome in my house. I will never say no. How familiar are you with local coffee shops, though? The coolest part about coffee shops is the community it builds and the brains at work! Underneath the chill vibes a coffee shop has, though, are the stories it creates. Take your babes to one of these shops or just visit one next time you plan “me time.” Anytime my husband sends me out for self-care, I take my current read and go to a coffee shop and hang out. Sometimes, my little family of three has just gone to a coffee shop for a casual “outing.” Try and give these a visit!


Pronounced “Kaw-vuh,” this coffee shop holds Polish roots. It’s nestled in a plaza alongside other businesses, but what makes this shop so nifty is that you can either drink your coffee inside or in the breezeway. You can park in front of or behind the plaza as the shop has a couple of entrances. The shop recently turned 10 years old, so if you haven’t been, it’s long overdue! Enjoy their amazing mural when you walk in. I’m partial to their warmed up coffee cake paired with an iced oatmeal caramel latte. Also, anything with their kielbasa is a must. They have handy QR codes at each table for their menu, and you can even call ahead for your order, if you’re on the run! Instagram: @kawa_coffeecs.

Good Neighbors Meeting House

Open every day of the week, this is the cutest corner shop! Located near the Old North End, its multifaceted services also include a seasonal market. If you want to bring your young kiddos, they can play at the playground right next door! Shooks Run Trail passes right by the shop, too, so if you’re feeling up for a walk or even a jog while pushing the stroller, this is a prime pitstop for refreshments. If you want to get together with your girlfriends, they have a generous selection of wines and savory snacks. Instagram: @goodneighborsmeetinghouse

Dynamo Coffee Roasting

On the east side of town, Dynamo is relatively new, but the owners are locals! The founders are natives of Colorado Springs and oh have they created an amazingly unique shop! When you step in, you will see an eclectic decorative layout; you’ll want to take pictures. These folks also have cute handmade products within the store you can check out. They have a house-made, dairy-free caramel syrup and even house-made almond milk. A favorite drink from Dynamo in my household is the iced Americano with blueberry syrup… WHAT. Yes, you read that right. The recipe hails from Alaska and it does not get more unique than that. Instagram: @dynamocoffeeroasting

Switchback Coffee Roasters

Born in a garage, this coffee shop was crafted by the founders to bring specialty coffee to the community. They have two locations in town you can visit! The flagship store is in the Shooks Run neighborhood and the second, most recently opened location, is Hillside near Memorial Park. They roast their own coffee and are always exploring sustainable techniques and farms around the world to source from. A fellow momma friend recommended their avocado toast (you can never go wrong there) and their chai! The brown sugar latte is her husband’s go-to. Instagram: @switchbackroasters

Loyal Coffee

This shop is a modern switch to your environment. It’s an urban feel and they really pride themselves in community. You can regularly find Loyal Coffee uplifting other businesses within Colorado Springs and innovatively connecting people. Loyal roasts their coffee at the Ivywild School (if you’ve been in Colorado Springs long enough, you’ll recollect seeing one of the owners/baristas previously working at Ivywild; they seriously love this community). Try Loyal Coffee’s pour over, their horchata, or even take one of their coffee ground packs home to brew in the morning. Also check out their merch like shirts, mugs or even their coffee blossom honey! Instagram: @loyalcoffee

Which Colorado Springs coffee shop is your favorite or which one do you want to try out next? Below are a few more that other mamas have recommended! Enjoy coffee shop hopping!

Wesley Owens Coffee (Monument)

Serranos Coffee (Monument)

Solar Roast Coffee

Frankly Coffee

Jives Coffee Lounge