Best Place to Enjoy Hard Cider in COS


There are so many breweries in Colorado. Just look at this list! Most folks will say that there’s nothing quite like a cold one after a long day… But what if you’re like my husband and me and don’t really like beer? Hard cider? That’s another story! 

Cider has been a popular drink since ancient Rome. In fact, it was such a precious commodity that it was used to pay rent and other bills in England in the 1100’s! Americans have always been crazy about it, too. European colonist planted apple trees only 9 years after they landed at Plymouth to keep cider as one of the most popular drinks. Sadly, cider creation and consumption declined in the late 1800’s when the industrial revolution took people from farms and orchards and deposited them in cities. However, since the 1990’s, cider has grown in popularity once again!

There are some local places to get an awesome pint of cider!

Boxing Brothers Ciderhouse 

These brewers make one thing: hard cider. They have three flagship flavors: American Apple, Dry, and Ginger & Elderflower. This is what you’ll find on tap and in liquor stores around town. To taste any of their seasonal varieties or small batches, visit the tasting room for a cozy experience with great flavor. Charcuterie boards are available along with hard cider slush and wine in the taproom.

Find Boxing Brothers on tap at Parry’s Pizzeria, Colorado Mountain Brewery, Roadhouse Cinemas and others. Available in four packs at local liquor stores including Coaltrain Wine and Liquor, and Cheers Liquor Mart. 

Batch Slapped Brewery & Cidery

Bath Slapped is the only brewery and cidery in Colorado Springs! They offer charcuterie boards and a few other appetizers in addition to drinks and a wine bar. I’ve yet to find anywhere that has their ciders (or beers) on tap around town, so stop in the taproom to try them out!

Apple Valley Cider

If you want to take a nice drive to Penrose, you can enjoy the four flagship flavors at Apple Valley Cider. They offer semi-sweet, cherry, peach, and black currant ciders. You’ll also find one or more of the varieties on tap in Colorado Springs at Bell Brother’s Brewing, Parry’s Pizzeria and Taphouse, Bingo Burger, and others.

Cheers, friends!