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Mamas — remember the first few weeks of dating your spouse? Where every date night was filled with excitement and anticipation…careful planning…no distractions…  It is time to spice up date night and get some plans on the calendar.

I am not big on Valentine’s Day. In fact, we usually avoid the crowds during that particular weekend. However, we are very big believers in carving out regular, consistent date nights. It doesn’t have to be a super expensive date night to make it meaningful. In my opinion, paying for a babysitter is worth it. You and your spouse need a break —  time to reconnect. And as much as you love your kids, they also need to see you two putting your marriage first. You are modeling the relationship that they will remember down the road when they start to date. (let’s move on…my boys are 6 and 4…no need to talk about them dating!  Yikes.)

We love our city, and we love doing fun things together. Here are some of our favorites…not limited to any specific season!

Adventurous Date Nights

  • Ride Bikes.  Our favorite is to ride bikes downtown to a fun restaurant — or in the summer, hit up food trucks and a concert in Acacia Park (we have done this as early as March – Colorado weather is awesome!)
  • Hiking. So many great spots: Palmer Park, Ute Valley Park, the Manitou Incline, Garden of the Gods. Get outside together, take in some beauty and pack a picnic!
  • Fine Arts Center – check out some art.
  • Manitou Springs Penny Arcade – have some fun with Skee ball and other games. Super inexpensive. While you are there, grab some treats and walk around Manitou Springs.
  • Kimball’s Peak Three Theater – a different movie experience. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your movie.
  • Escape Rooms (here is an example:  Escape the Place – they have half price specials Tuesdays through Thursdays, as well as a military and first responder discount) This is next on our list of date nights. Sounds like a fun, unique way to spend time. This would be great with a group of friends!
  • Rock Climbing – City Rock is a great place to take on a challenge of climbing the wall.  Then cozy up to the bar or by the fireplace at the attached restaurant, The Ute & Yeti. They have yummy food and drinks available.
  • Game night with friends – get several couples together (kid free of course) and pull out the games and snacks.
  • Jump! Sky Zone is a trampoline park that boasts tons of fun (and a great workout at the same time)  if you are looking for something different.

Best Happy Hour Date Nights

We love doing happy hour because we save money and we have plenty of time to get the kids to bed, even on a school night!

  • Cowboy Star Restaurant – hands down, there is no one else in Colorado Springs that compares in my humble opinion! If you want incredible atmosphere, 5 star food and drinks at ridiculously great prices (1/2 off small bite dishes and most drinks from 2 pm to 6 pm daily), you have to plan an afternoon date to Cowboy Star.
  • Colorado Craft Tejon Street Social – a newer favorite.  The menu is always changing.  The craft beer list is stellar.  Happy Hour is Monday-Saturday from 3 pm t0 7 pm; $4 drafts, $5 wines, and $6 cocktails. You can’t go wrong with locally sourced food and drinks!
  • The Rabbit Hole – The happy hour menu here is worth changing your date time a bit. I have always loved the charm of being hidden away underground in this funky space. Check it our Monday-Friday from 4-6 pm; 50% off apps, $3 wines, wells and drafts.
  • The Hotel Bar (@The Broadmoor) – in the main building at the Broadmoor – grab a drink and some appetizers, cozy up by the outdoor fireplace, walk around the lake outside. Romance!
  • Brewer’s Republic – if you like to taste Craft Beer, this is your spot.  The selection is incredible and we love to sit and chat at the bar or in the comfy couches. $1 off full pours every Monday through Friday from 4pm-7pm.

Unique (Delicious) Restaurant Dates

  • Odyssey Gastropub – Downtown fun. Unique decor. Bacon four different ways. Green Chile Cheese Fries. Enough said!
  • The Wildgoose Meeting House – Cool. Yummy. Sometimes you can catch live music.  This place has a really fun vibe if you want a chill night.
  • Restaurant 1858 (Seven Falls) – a fun experience. Park at 1045 Lower Gold Camp Rd located at Norris Penrose Event Center. The shuttle will take you to Seven Falls. Enjoy an evening walk up to the restaurant — absolutely stunning. The food at 1858 is Broadmoor quality at a middle of the road price. We had a quiet dining experience here.
  • 503W – We have not been disappointed on our many stops here. The food has flair that you can’t find anywhere else in Colorado Springs. Delicious. My husband is impressed with the Craft Beer list!
  • Four by Brother Luck – Chef Brother Luck (a “Top Chef” star!) is a master at creating some of the most unique tastes. He always comes out to chat with the customers too! Make a reservation for a dining experience including flavors that are out of this world!
  • The Golden Bee – Ragtime piano beginning at 7:30 PM and the sing along from  9:00 PM to 12:00 AM nightly. Drink a yard of beer and proudly wear your own “Bee” that changes seasonally. You’ll feel transported right to jolly old England at the Golden Bee, The Broadmoor’s 19th century British Pub.

We also highly recommend grabbing an Uber or Lyft if you plan on enjoy drinks on your date night! It is small investment in a safe evening, and honestly, it is nice to not have to drive and find parking. Have fun and be safe!

I know this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to date night ideas! Where are your favorite local spots to spend time with your love?

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Tonya grew up in Iowa and attended the University of Northern Iowa, where she majored in Health Promotion (the degree you choose when you know are meant to make an impact but you don’t know exactly how) After graduating in 2003, her adventurous spirit lead her to pack up her little car and move to Colorado Springs. Her heart was easily won by the beautiful landscape, the amazing weather, colorful Aspen trees, and the fabulous people in this city. In 2008, she married her love and best friend, Ryan. They added two amazing boys to the family…Landon (2009) and Kellan (2011). After a rewarding career as a Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and a sales representative for Pfizer, her heart desired more time with her boys. In 2011, she became a work from home mom, focusing on her very busy boys full time and her health and wellness coaching business part time! Her passion as a mom includes building legos, trips to the zoo, family hikes, fishing, and camping. Her passion as a health coach is helping people see their potential, reach goals, and lead a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time (what is that again??), she loves working out, running, and reading. Her favorite things to do with her handsome hubby include riding bikes downtown Colorado Springs for date nights, hiking the incline, trying new (exotic) foods, spending time with great (adult) friends, and trying craft beers (inspired of course by her husband!).


  1. Why do most date nights involve alcohol? And then driving either to pick up your child from the baby sitter, or driving home?! Can’t we have fun without the alcohol?

  2. I love your list! We go on biking dates, picnic+hiking dates, and skee ball dates too! We also go on breakfast dates since it can be easier to find a babysitter for Saturday morning than Friday night. For morning dates I recommend Urban Steam downtown. I have tried most of the places you suggested, and like them all so I’m excited to try the few places that I haven’t been too, like Cowboy Star. 🙂

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