Best Coffee in Downtown Colorado Springs


Drinking coffee is one of my favorite things to do. Not only does it keep me going as a busy mama to young ones, but I simply love the taste. I also appreciate the way coffee can bring people together—the way it ministers to tired mothers’ souls as we connect over steaming (or more often, lukewarm) mugs. Thankfully, it’s not hard to find good coffee in Colorado Springs; our downtown area boasts several excellent options.

Coffee cup

Here is a list of my favorite places in downtown Colorado Springs to enjoy a coffee whether you’re wanting a social outing or a quiet getaway.

Fifty Fifty {Switchback Roasters}:

For a quiet place to work and if you also need whole beans.
Fifty Fifty is the coffee shop component to Switchback Roasters, my favorite coffee roaster in town. They have excellent sourcing practices and equally good blending tastes. Fifty Fifty is hip, quiet, and has a great patio to keep children enclosed if you bring them along. Their baristas consistently make drinks spot-on.

Fifty Fifty Coffee

Cafe 225

For the inside play date on a cold morning.
Cafe 225 has a great play place for children downstairs. It can get a little crowded. But on a cold morning, the atmosphere easily beats the dirty slides at a fast-food joint. Bonus: they have a parking lot so you don’t have to find a spot on the street.


For your coffee fix on a warm morning before you hit the park right across the street with the kiddos.
Excellent ambiance and a solid Americano. Remember how in Music & Lyrics Hugh Grant says that “plants make women comfortable”? Well, it’s true. This little coffee shop has a ton of foliage, and it is wonderful.

Stir Coffee

Principal’s Office {at Ivywild School}

For if you want to feel cool, and also if you want something stronger than coffee. (Wink wink.)
The Principal’s Office at Ivywild School (just south of downtown, past the highway) might be known more for its cocktails, but they also serve up some sweet pour overs. The whole building is a neat concept. You’ll feel super hip-and-happening just by being there.

Agia Sophia

For meeting a friend for a quiet chat.
This coffee shop is close to downtown in Old Colorado City. It is relaxing and has tons of little nooks for heart-to-heart conversations or for cozying up with a book. Order a whole french press all to yourself. 🙂

Agia Sophia Coffee

Wild Goose Meeting House

For a lively time and brew, enjoy when a band is playing.
Wild Goose Meeting House has an excellent coffee and food menu. You can order pour overs by the bean depending on what you choose to nibble. It is located in the heart of downtown and has a fun urban vibe.

Rico’s Cafe {at Poor Richard’s}

For a gab-date with a friend who doesn’t drink coffee. Also, if you need to buy a unique greeting card.
Located just catty-corner from Wild Goose Meeting House, Rico’s is the coffee and wine bar attached to the joint book-toy-pizza shop on Tejon. Their brewed coffee is top-notch. They also serve loose leaf teas for the non-coffee drinkers. If you have children with you, head to the little play area in the back of the pizza restaurant where you can enjoy your coffee.

Rico's Cafe Coffee

That’s my line-up for great coffee shops in downtown Colorado Springs.

Comment below and tell us about your favorite place to grab some joe!


    • Hi Elizabeth! You’re right- I totally forgot about Jives. They’re pretty good too. And no, I haven’t been to Story Coffee yet. Isn’t that the darling one in the tiny house?! So fun. 🙂

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