The Top 5 Reasons You Should Try Dion’s Pizza


My two kids (ages 7 and 5) and I recently had an opportunity to visit and experience the restaurant tour offered by our local Dion’s pizza.  These tours are held at 9:30 am before the store opens and conveniently end when the kids get hungry for the pizza they help make!  Dion’s has put a lot of effort into creating an incredible experience for kids with these tours!

When we arrived, our tour guide had a table set up for the kids with a variety of activity books and pencils that they got to keep.  While the kids colored she talked a little bit about Dion’s and how they make everything fresh in store each day.  She also made a point to get to know the kids’ names which made the tour more personable.

Our tour started in the back of the kitchen. The kids got to see inside the giant refrigerator, spray water in the dish washing sink, and see some of the big kitchen equipment that we don’t have in our home.  We then made our way to the dough prep room and the kids got to see the mixer and proofing trays.  We saw the cold prep station and then finally made our way to where the pizza magic happens!  The kids got a chance to play with dough, watch their pizza be made (flying dough and all!) and added the pepperonis.  

After the pizza went into the oven, we made our way back to the dining room with a quick stop to try out the PA system.  The kids colored for a bit and were served juice.  When the pizza was cooked and ready, our tour guide served it to the kids and made sure we had everything we needed.  The kitchen officially opens at 10:30 a.m. and the adults can order anything they would like for lunch. We had such a fantastic time that we are already planning our next visit to Dion’s with other friends!


Here are my top 5 reasons you should try Dion’s:

  1.  Value The tour is $4 per child.  This includes their pizza and drink, an activity book and a t- shirt.  My kids have continued to work on the activity book.  It has a great variety of different subjects and levels.  Please note a minimum of eight children are needed to schedule a tour and the maximum amount is 60.
  2.  Your child has a birthday coming up Our tour guide mentioned that someone had recently done a tour as their child’s birthday party.  I think this is genius!  They will let you bring in a cake if you would like and they also bake cookies in house if you want to make it super easy!
  3. The kids have a day off from school and the weather is frightful Winter break is coming.  Having plans is awesome to stave off the cabin fever.  These tours are done year round.
  4. You want to have a play date without the mess This would be the perfect activity for a mom’s group to do! After the tour we had plenty of time to hang out and chat over lunch. They weren’t busy that early in the day so we didn’t feel a rush to leave.  I love a play date that involves food, fun and doesn’t happen in my house!
  5. Drive Thru Pick Up We didn’t have a chance to try this out yet but anytime you can order online and pick up without getting out of your car is definitely worth checking out!  Info for online ordering can be found here.

We really enjoyed our tour of Dion’s and I look forward to checking out some of the other things that make them different than your average pizza place!

untitled-design-5ABOUT DION’S 

Dion’s is known for its tasty pizza and world famous Ranch dressing, as well as providing opportunities for its employees and communities to flourish. It was recently ranked as a top-five quick-service restaurant in the nation based on overall experience by Sandelman and Associates. Dion’s was founded in 1978 by Jon Patten and Bill Scott in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 38 years, the company has grown to 23 stores and 1,600 employees in three states. For more information, visit or call 505-858-1010, they can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram


We are thankful to Dion's Pizza for providing this sponsored post. But, the thoughts & feelings are our own and we only share companies that we personally know & love!
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