A Fond Farewell to Colorado Springs


My family had only spent three days in Colorado Springs before our family of six moved here from across the country.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Colorado was BEAUTIFUL. I knew that. But I’d see pictures of snow in May and was dreading the long winters. I knew pot was legal in Colorado and worried about how that would affect my young sons.

The Real Scoop on Colorado Springs

When we became residents Colorado Springs, some things surprised me:

  • Snow in May is no big deal because you’ll probably have a sunny, 70° day the next day. Our winters are mild. We may have a handful of snow days throughout the year but with the sunshine and low humidity, snow days are fun (even in MAY!). I tell my kids to get out and play in the snow as soon as it falls, because it probably melt by the very next day.
  • Though the snow and the cold are mild, we DO get crazy wind and hail storms!
  • Public consumption of marijuana is illegal in Colorado Springs. I don’t see it or smell it anymore often than I did when I lived anywhere else.
  • School choice was new to me. I had never experienced this and I recommend if you’re new to the area, make a decision by January of where you want your kids to go to school. There’s usually a waiting list by February. My neighbor could not get into our neighborhood school because she did not register her kindergartner until a couple months before the new school year began.
  • There are endless things to do here! From hikes all over town, beautiful parks, museums and nature centers. I have a list of places I want to go that is so long it’ll take me 10 years to get through it.

Need ideas?

Search ‘Colorado Springs’ on Pinterest. Or scroll to the top of this page under “resources” for countless suggestions from local moms! 

Kathryn was a COSMB contributor for a short time before her family moved to a new state. This is her final post. She is a mom to four young men and wife to one handsome man. She loves a good book at hot coffee! You can follow her adventures on her blog at KathrynEgly.com