Why buy when you can create? DIY is the trend. And that has spurred a resurgence in old-fashioned crafting like calligraphy and hand lettering, embroidery, painting, knitting and refurbishing furniture.

Interestingly, the social media posts I’m seeing about these projects are coming from b-u-s-y moms. They’re already doing laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, drop offs, pick ups, regular 9-5s and side gigs. Why are they adding old-fashioned crafts to their “must do” list?


Maybe because crafting is an opportunity to actually finish something.

Maybe it’s because it’s awfully easy to knit and binge watch Netflix. It seems like less of a waste of time if you catch up on your favorite show and make personalized Christmas stockings for your family.

Maybe it’s that the tactile nature of hand-made things is soothing after spending the whole day in the clutches of sticky toddler hands.

I’ve tried and abandoned scrapbooking, caligraphy, and cross-stitch. My crafting happy places include making jewelry, knitting and coloring with my four-year old.

This desire to make something has resulted in whole industries dedicated to help you discover (or not) your inner Monet. Who among us hasn’t spent an evening sipping on wine, mimicking a painting instructor, and then tried to convince ourselves our creation is plenty good enough to hang in the laundry room?

Need easy ways to try out old-fashioned crafting without investing a ton of money?

Colorado Springs has some really amazing and diverse crafting resources to get you started:

  • Who Gives a Scrap! 520 W. Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs. This is a great place to get inexpensive materials, sign up for a variety of classes, and feel good about keeping good materials out of the trash.
  • AR Workshop, 12245 Voyager Drive, Suite 162, Colorado Springs. Here you can do things like paint a sign, paint canvas, make a chunky knit blanket – they offer different workshops and provide all the materials.
  • Yarn Outlet, 416 S. 8th St. Colorado Springs. This cute little shop offers classes for knitting, crocheting, personal lessons, and affordable materials.
  • Rocky Mountain Soap Market, 212 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs. If you crave trying your hand at something that you won’t have to display (or store) maybe you’d like to create your own soap, lotion or other body product at the body bar at Rocky Mountain Soap Market.


  • Fine Arts Center Bemis School of Art, 818 Pelham Place Colorado Springs. Maybe you really did create a masterpiece with your girlfriends on a night out, or want to get into photography, or learn about metal working. Bemis School of Art offers a wide variety of classes for a every age and level of experience.
  • Textiles West, 6545 N. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs. This organization has classes on sewing, mending, felting, and is dedicated to passing on textile arts.
  • Pikes Peak Library District. Various locations. Did you know you can do 3D printing, laser engraving, or even utilize a green screen and studio space to create your of video all at Library 21C? There is another space that has sewing machines, sergers, and even vinyl cutters.
  • Kilroy’s Workshop, 7358 Cole View Colorado Springs. You can make swords! Learn how to weld! Become a blacksmith!
  • Cottonwood Center for the Arts, 472 E. Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs. From pottery throwing to animation, literary arts to mending clothing, there is such an interesting variety of classes.

Is there a way I can try crafting without leaving my couch (or interacting with other humans)?

KnitPicks has great tutorials, kits that include everything you need to knit or crochet a project, and is pretty affordable.

Bluprint is a bit more expensive, but what a selection of things to try, online classes, and tutorials!

Best wishes for crafting projects that turn out better than expected!