The Colorado Springs Guide to Pediatric Dentistry


As soon as those first little baby teeth begin to sprout, parents start to have questions about their little one’s teeth. How soon do we visit the dentist? What if corrective measures are needed? How do I best combat cavities? What if my child is afraid of the dentist? Whether your child has tongue-tie issues, needs a dental checkup or is ready for orthodontic care, we hope this guide will help direct you to the best provider for your child.

In the provider directory below, you will find clinics that specialize in pediatric and family dentistry as well as orthodontics. We’ve even organized the directory by location, so that you can search for the clinics that are closest to your home. Thank you to the featured businesses that are listed here. We appreciate your participation! To our readers, we sincerely hope that you will find this guide to be a helpful part of your parenting journey.

Is there a resource that we missed? Please mention it in the comments below. Are you a business interested in being a part of the guide? Please email our Resources Coordinator at [email protected].

Provider Directory by Area

Dino Dental: 8890 N. Union Blvd Ste. 209 80920

Rocky Mountain Pediatric Dentistry: 6071 E Woodmen Rd #200, 80923

Rocky Mountain Pediatric Dentistry: 12225 Voyager Parkway, Ste. 6, 80921

Colorado Springs Pediatric Dentistry: 9480 Briar Village Point Ste. 301, 80920

Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics: 5430 E Woodmen Rd, 80920

Discovery Kids Pediatric Dentistry: 6725 Rangewood Dr, 80918

Springs Pediatric Dental Care: 13335 Voyager Pkwy. Ste. 100, 80921

SMILE: 9334 Grand Cordera Pkwy, 80924

Children’s Smile Center: 7770 N Union Blvd, 80920

Family Dentistry of Colorado Springs: 5010 El Camino Dr Ste A, 80918

Summit Dental: 5725 Erindale Dr #100, 80918

Woodmen Views Dentistry: 3210 E Woodmen Rd #200, 80920

Cordera Family Dentistry: 9235 N Union Blvd, 80920

Anderson Family Dental: 5725 Erindale Dr Ste #101, 80918

Rangewood Orthodontics: 7560 Rangewood Drive #200, 80920

Pine Top Orthodontics: 9475 Briar Village Point Suite 315, 80920

Lockett Orthodontics: 3210 E Woodmen Rd #200, 80920

Chapel Hills Orthodontics: 9240 Explorer Dr Ste 115, 80920

Bailey Orthodontics: 6685 Delmonico Dr # B, 80919

Falcon Landing Dental Group & Orthodontics: 7395 N Academy Blvd, 80920

Dr. Z Orthodontics: 6010 Erin Park Dr, 80918

Simply Kids Dental: 1910 Vindicator Dr #103, 80919

Kissing Camels Family Dentistry: 3470 Centennial Blvd #200, 80907

Rangewood Orthodontics: 6665 Delmonico Drive ste A, 80919

Academy Kids Dental: 2436 S. Academy Blvd., 80916

Palmer Park Dentistry: 3208 N Academy Blvd #140, 80917

Academy Kids Dental: 3630 Austin Bluffs Pkwy #100, 80918

Academy Kids Dental: 883 N Academy Blvd, 80909

Springs Family Dental: 1935 N Union Blvd, 80909

Broadmoor Dental: 1930 S Nevada Ave, 80905

Colorado Springs Pediatric Dentistry: 660 Southpointe Court #100, 80906

Star Ranch Family Dental: 3695 Star Ranch Rd, 80906

West One Family Dental: 1104 W Colorado Ave, 80904

SoCo Smiles Orthodontics: 1694 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, 80906

Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry: 4515 Broadmoor Bluffs Drive, 80906

Rangewood Orthodontics: 501 S Tejon St #200, 80903

Victory Dental Group: 559 E. Pikes Peak Ave, Suite 203, 80903

Cool Mountain Kids Pediatric Dentistry: 6160 Tutt Blvd #140, 80923

Comfort Dental Kids South Powers: 1580 Space Center Dr Ste. 107, 80915

My Kid’s Dentist North Powers: 5430 Tutt Blvd, 80922

Crossroads Family Dentistry:

All Smiles Dental Group: 3715 Bloomington St #160, 80922

Stetson Hills Dental: 5910 Stetson Hills Blvd #110, 80923

Just for Grins Family Dental & Orthodontics: 11876 Stapleton Dr, Falcon, CO 80831

Falcon Family Orthodontics: 7685 McLaughlin Rd., Suite 190, Falcon, CO 80831

Monument Family Dentistry: 325 2nd St Suite A, Monument, CO 80132

Erickson Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics: 6055 Old Forest Point, Monument, CO 80132

Rangewood Orthodontics: 1415 Cipriani Loop, Monument, CO 80132

Hamula Orthodontics: 1860 Woodmoor Dr # 200, Monument, CO 80132

Woodmoor Dental: 1777 Lake Woodmoor Dr, Monument, CO 80132

My Kid’s Dentist & Orthodontics: 6912 Mesa Ridge Pkwy, Fountain, CO 80817

Just for Grins Family Dental: 6436 South U.S. 85/87 STE C, Fountain, CO 80817

Kim Batterson Orthodontics: 15 Widefield Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80911

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