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You know when you have butterflies in your tummy?  The kind that make your heart race?  That was exactly how I felt leading up to our first team meeting on July 21st…and later I found out, the rest of the team felt the same.

“Can I totally be honest? I wanted to throw up the whole time that I was driving over to meet this group. Big groups of women who are fashionable, beautiful, and intelligent = intimidating and scary. But, I am so glad to say that I left feeling pumped up and part of something incredible.” – Tabitha P.

15C 2Yep, I left feeling it.  An electric, instant chemistry that is very rare for 17 moms who have never met before.  An energy that was undeniable (and impressive considering most of us are sleep deprived!)  It has resonated with me for the last five days…and it is obvious why.  There is a need for what we are creating.  Moms want to feel understood; connected to other moms.  There is a love for this city and all it has to offer.  And what Colorado Springs has to offer often goes untapped.  There is a need to connect offline in a relational, face-to-face way that is typically hard to do as a mom.

And this group of moms…our contributor team…is so excited to be providing answers to those needs.

15C 3It felt like a Moms Night Out (more on these later – stay tuned!).  We all had a few hours of time to ourselves, and we got a bit dolled up for the head shots that Shannon Coker Photography took.  We all met in the Downtown alley off Bijou St between Tejon and Cascade.  Shannon, who has been a dear friend for many years, was so gracious to share her time and her talent with us.  She made us all look extra beautiful.  If you have ever met her, you know that she has the best heart for people.  We can’t thank you enough Shannon!

15C 1After our quick glamour shots in the alley, we went right inside to a favorite hidden gem, 15C Club.  Alan and his staff greeted all of the ladies with open arms.  If you have not had the pleasure of sipping a martini at 15C, you should definitely treat yourself!  Alan had a fabulous spread of appetizers, and his staff shook up any martini or mock-tail we asked for.  It was nice to relax and enjoy good food and a drink in this warm cozy room making new friends.  That cozy room was ringing with laughter.  We even chatted with Alan about hosting a Moms Night Out event in the future.


Cookie DramaOH…and our evening could not end without dessert…  I knew these Mamas deserved some extra special treats. Cookie Drama made fabulous, customized cookies for our night with our logo on them.  Memi, the owner, was so particular about when I picked them up to be sure they were fresh for our gals…and they were!  She has some serious artistic talent!


Sugar BuzzJennifer at Sugar Buzz knew we needed some cake to top things off too.  The cupcakes we enjoyed were lemon flavored cake with raspberry icing…an amazing combo!  She has the most extensive list of cupcake flavors and icing combos.  I had to have her help me choose…I’ve never been decisive, and her list overwhelmed me!  She also does amazing cakes.

So…I’m sure it is pretty obvious that we were all on a sugar high as we left that evening.  BUT, I can assure you, the high we were feeling was not from the sugar.  It was from new friendships, laughter, amazing conversation, and the beautiful journey that began to unfold.  We hope you will join this journey…

Contributor Team

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{Photo Credit :: Shannon Coker Photography}


  1. Such a fun night! Loved everything 15C Club did (seriously, amazing!) and Shannon took phenomenal pictures!! So exciting!

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