So, You’re New to Colorado Springs?



A lot of us were new to Colorado Springs at one time or another too.  Here is a “top 10” list of things to know about your new city. We hope you will fall in love with it soon, so you can join us in calling Colorado Springs “home.”

10. Colorado Springs is home to many who serve in the United States military.

This means you get to meet a lot of people from all over the country (and the world).  Military families seem to understand the importance of jumping in with both feet and getting involved quickly. (Many restaurants and businesses show their support and gratitude by offering military discounts, so just ask.)

9. People in Colorado Springs love their pets.

If you don’t have a pet, the Pikes Peak Humane Society is a great place to adopt a new family member. Colorado Springs has many specialty stores for pet lovers to pamper their canine and feline friends.  There are also some great dog parks such as Bear Creek Dog Park on the south end of town, and Rampart Dog Park on the north end.

8. Colorado Springs is very geographically spread out.

There are many different places to live depending on which area fits your family’s needs: Briargate (for the north end of town), Rockrimmon (the westside), Downtown Colorado Springs (with a wide variety of local shops and restaurants), the Powers corridor (the eastside), Old Colorado City, and Manitou Springs.  Each part of Colorado Springs has its own DNA, and there are sure to be neighborhoods for any family “flavor.”

7. There are many great Facebook pages to connect with other moms around Colorado Springs.

You can find anything from advice, plumber recommendations, school reviews to restaurants.  Some of the more popular pages include Word of Mouth Colorado Springs, North Springs Mamas and Middle Springs Mamas.  You can also buy and sell things from kids’ clothes to household goods to furniture on many of the sites.

6. The elevation of Colorado Springs is 6,035 feet!

And, whew, you will feel it for the first few months each time you go up and down those stairs or try to exercise.  This means you need to drink a LOT of water. (Don’t forget to help your kids too!)  Also, this high altitude means you are at an increased risk of sunburn, so don’t forget your daily SPF.

5. Colorado Springs weather is very unpredictable.

There are days where you feel like you’ve experienced all four seasons in a 24 hour period!  Always be prepared.  In the fall/winter/spring, make sure you have a good snow shovel in your car, some bottles of water in case you get stuck waiting out a snowstorm, and an extra blanket or two.  In the summer, Colorado is known for regular thunderstorms that are typically brief but often very strong, sometimes producing hail. Make sure you have a plan if you are going to be exploring outdoors so that you can get to safe, high ground in the event of a pop-up storm.

4. You will feel like you are living in a postcard.

There are so many beautiful places and ways to explore nature in Colorado Springs.  You can take a leisurely walk on the trails of Garden of the Gods, a strenuous hike up Pikes Peak or the Manitou Springs incline, a bike ride on the Santa Fe Trail, or check out any of the amazing camping grounds, just to name a few. Each neighborhood community has their own hidden gems as well, so get out and explore!

3. Enjoy some “day-cations”.

You can drive to Denver, Woodland Park, Pueblo and so many other amazing places…all in one day.

2. You will not go hungry in Colorado Springs.

There are so many amazing restaurants, food trucks, and farmers markets to explore all over the city.  You are sure to find amazing food for any palette (and budget).  Whether you are looking for your favorite chain restaurant, a family gathering spot, a new “dive,” a place for girls night out, or for a date, there are so many options.

1. Colorado Springs is a great place for community!

There are numerous ways to meet other moms that you can “click” with. You can join a MOPS group, a playgroup, a book club, a running club, a gym, a church, a bunco group!  Be bold, be you, and take the first step to find “your people” here in Colorado Springs.  I promise, we will welcome you!