Venardos Circus: The Little Circus That Could


Looking for something family-friendly to do before school picks back up again? Well, look no further than the Powers corridor, where the Venardos Circus has made its home – right behind FH Beerworks – until July 31st! 

My family and I had the opportunity to attend opening weekend for the Venardos Circus this past Saturday for the 7PM show, and we were completely blown away by the talent on the stage.  When we left, my husband said, “I found myself saying “wow!” more times tonight than I have in a really, really long time.” 

The show was great for all ages, from adults to tiny little ones.  In attendance were myself and my husband, my parents, and four kids ranging in age from 2 to 8 years old.  We were all impressed by the amazing talent.  My 8-year-old kept looking back at me with his mouth wide open after each impressive act. My 2-year-old couldn’t stop talking about the “upside down girl” and the “girl up on chairs”.  All the performers were flawless – there wasn’t a single mess up (or so it seemed) during the entire show.  

What to Expect

The Venardos Circus was created by former Ringling Bros. Ringmaster Kevin Venardos and is part circus, part Broadway show.  From acrobatics to singing and dancing to fun tricks and clowning around, this animal-free circus has lots to keep your attention. They even have an hour-long pre-show performance included in your ticket price, if you want to attend. 

The show itself was a good duration – between an hour and a half to two hours total, with a 10-15 minute intermission halfway through. Parking was free and easy and the tent didn’t feel overcrowded. It is important to note that they do not allow strollers inside the tent. If you are going to purchase food or merchandise, however, I want to make sure you come prepared to spend. My family purchased two popcorns and a bag of cotton candy and paid $30.  Face painting was $15, and a sword my nephew wanted was $21. 

The Little Circus That Could

All in all, I felt good supporting the Venardos Circus. The entire circus, from performances to vendors, to putting up the giant circus tent, is all done by only 15 people. The people on stage are the same ones moving props and cleaning up.  They call themselves “the little circus that could,” harnessing the power of a dream to make something spectacular out of nothing.  

Tickets are still available

The Venardos Circus is only in town until the end of the month, so go get your tickets now for this incredible performance!  They have shows from Wednesday to Sunday, with several showtimes on the weekends.  This is one event you do not want to miss this summer!  You and your kids will have a blast the entire time!

This post was sponsored by The Venardos Circus, who provided our contributor with complimentary tickets to an opening weekend performance. The thoughts and review are her own.


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