Getting Twisted, a Night Out Painting with my Husband

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Having an evening out is way easier said than done, am I right??? Arranging someone to watch your kiddos, getting yourself out of the yoga pants, and then figuring out what to actually go do is hard. You want something that doesn’t require you to cut up someone else’s food- but not another night of dinner and a movie with your hubby. Which puts you in a predicament.

What if I could let you in on a fun night out that you’ll remember for years to come? I’m going to give you my honest girlfriend inside scoop on having a night out at Painting with a Twist.

Painting with a Twist

My hubby and I decided to give this whole painting thing a try for our next date night. It was a random Tuesday night; we had a good friend watch our babies and so we headed out to PWAT. We were in a full class, despite being a weeknight- but it never felt too full. The energy was great with that many people sitting in the studio, along with some great music going. It definitely helped to rid some of my nerves about seriously sucking at this painting thing.

They suggest that for a better experience, to arrive 15-20 minutes before your class to get checked in and be served at their bar. Did I mention that my hubby was running late coming from work? The staff was very friendly and understanding about it.

While I was waiting for my “fellow” I spoke with a few others ladies who take these classes quite frequently and they had only good things to say. One of them mentioned that she loves that they “teach you like you are five years old,” in that they take it very step by step and simplify it down to an easy way to paint your possibly complex picture. Seriously ladies, the instructor made it so much fun. The “paint doctor” also known as our instructor, Tyler, had a bell that he would ring to get the class energized. In-between instructions, he would turn the music up and have us paint to the music. There were no strict rules, just that you have a good time and use liquid encouragement when necessary.

Speaking of the liquid encouragement, their prices were very reasonable; my hubby got a bottle of locally brewed Colorado beer and I had two glasses of Moscato (apparently I needed more liquid encouragement) all for $10. The variety of beer and wine made it hard to choose from, so many wonderful options! They also have nonalcoholic beverages for you expecting mamas or mamas who choose to skip the bar.

Painting With A Twist

I think my favorite part of the evening was when we were just painting away, and my husband and I switched seats–apparently my husband had the upper hand in the painting department–and we ended up both working on one painting. We were both singing along with the music, sipping our drinks, and painting together. It felt good to just let loose and have fun with one another without having two tiny people trying to get our attention. They insist that you take breaks throughout the painting process to refresh your drink, take a step back and look at your progress, and maybe even give your bum a break from the stools–especially after having children. We did eventually end up with two pretty good looking paintings by the end, and had a great experience overall. This is definitely going on my night-out list for future use. Not just with my hubby- but this setting would be perfect for a mama’s night out as well! They do have couple paintings, so you don’t end up with two of the same paintings–but they correlate with each other (see the calendar links below.)

Painting with a Twist

When you go on their website you can look at a calendar for each location and what paintings they have available for each day. Each location has their own calendar, with two locations right now in the Springs. They do have two more locations in the works, one opening on the South end of town and one downtown–follow their social media accounts for more information!

To locate a studio nearest to you:

Garden of the Gods Location Calendar:

Powers Location Calendar:

PWAT owns the copyright to over 3,500 pieces of art, so there is bound to be a piece you would love to paint, and hang in your home! Having something you can look at daily as a reminder of your night out can be encouraging through the harder days of parenting. They encourage you to share your experience on your social media feeds and even offer ways to win a free class by doing so! I love those kind of things from a business.

Try something new for your next night out, and don’t be afraid to give Painting with a Twist a chance. They truly do give you a great experience–and I have to say I am pretty proud that I created something from nothing but a blank white canvas. I consider my self a pretty creative person and artsy, but painting is not one of my things. Painting with a Twist may have just changed that!

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