Co Springs Mom Collective: New Look, Same Heart

Photo Credit: Faith Photography by Kati

Over four years ago, my sister, Tara, and I started to brainstorm resources we could bring to moms in our city. She had just moved to Colorado Springs from Iowa, and as a mom in a new city, she had all the questions. And I knew I loved our city deeply and that it had so much to offer, but I just didn’t know where to send her for the best resources.

And Colorado Springs Moms Blog launched.

We thought this would be a “hobby” for us. We would find some local moms to help us create resources, maybe do an event here and there, and have a bit of fun in the process. What we discovered has been so much more than that.

Beautiful women, living and thriving in our community.

Encouragement between moms that is priceless.

A team of nearly 40 women who are passionate and inspiring.

An online community that lifts one another up.

Experiences at our events that help families create lasting memories.

A geninue love and heartbeat for the city of Co Springs.

Same Mission…now as Co Springs Mom Collective

Our team has worked countless hours behind the scenes dreaming about how we can better serve you, our mom community. We have vision for the future, and it is much bigger than where we have been. So while our name and look have a facelift, our mission remains stronger than ever. Colorado Springs Moms Blog is now Co Springs Mom Collective. Our new brand better reflects who we already are.


Collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective. -Wikipedia

We strive to be a collective group of moms who are here to support you, to welcome you, to laugh with you and to cry with you. To share our words with you in hopes they help you through a tough day. To share a conversation (maybe about potty training, maybe about teaching your kids to drive) with you at the next COSMC event. You belong here.

Co Springs Mom Collective is the #1 resource for moms in our beautiful city and we are honored to welcome you to our collective.

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Tonya grew up in Iowa and attended the University of Northern Iowa, where she majored in Health Promotion (the degree you choose when you know are meant to make an impact but you don’t know exactly how) After graduating in 2003, her adventurous spirit lead her to pack up her little car and move to Colorado Springs. Her heart was easily won by the beautiful landscape, the amazing weather, colorful Aspen trees, and the fabulous people in this city. In 2008, she married her love and best friend, Ryan. They added two amazing boys to the family…Landon (2009) and Kellan (2011). After a rewarding career as a Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and a sales representative for Pfizer, her heart desired more time with her boys. In 2011, she became a work from home mom, focusing on her very busy boys full time and her health and wellness coaching business part time! Her passion as a mom includes building legos, trips to the zoo, family hikes, fishing, and camping. Her passion as a health coach is helping people see their potential, reach goals, and lead a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time (what is that again??), she loves working out, running, and reading. Her favorite things to do with her handsome hubby include riding bikes downtown Colorado Springs for date nights, hiking the incline, trying new (exotic) foods, spending time with great (adult) friends, and trying craft beers (inspired of course by her husband!).


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