My Wishes for 2021


If there’s anything that 2020 has taught me, it’s that sometimes, no matter how smart your goals, or how well-intended your resolutions, the universe may have other ideas. I don’t need to list all the unimaginable events we’ve endured in 2020, but I think it’s worth re-iterating that even the most disciplined resolvers could not have been prepared for this year.

I’ve never been one for resolutions in the first place, but I think 2021 needs to be the year we let go of ‘shoulds’ and set the tone with thoughts of gratitude and wishes for the future. If we’ve learned nothing else from this year, it’s that anything is possible. So, my plan is to wish big!

I Wish I Won’t Have to Postpone my Wedding…

In a rare 2020 bright spot, I got engaged in September. We scheduled our wedding for late summer 2021, perhaps a bit too optimistically, hoping events and gathering would be back on the menu of safe activities. Of course, I made sure the venue we chose has a solid reschedule policy, and if postponing another few months is the right thing to do, we will. However, my first wish is that the Coronavirus vaccine is widely distributed, restrictions are lifted by my planned wedding date, and the event can be as much a celebration of our marriage as the return to togetherness.

…Or My Honeymoon in Iceland!

You heard it here first – we’re honeymooning in Iceland! Assuming it happens, it’s going to be epic. We’re planning on traveling the whole island via Ring Road, which seems like trip everyone should do at least once in their lives. Among other amazing stops, we’ll be sure to check out the Icelandic Phallological Museum. Of course, we might have to postpone the whole trip if travel restrictions persist. Currently, Iceland is closed to U.S. Citizens. I’m wishing with all my might that this will change soon!

I Wish Kids Can Safely Return to School

I know I’m not alone in my wishes for kids to be able to safely return to school. But I also wish they never forget the lessons they learned along the way. They’ve had to adapt, learn new technology, find creative ways to socialize, and dig deep to find resilience. I hope that when the kids go back to school, they are permanently instilled with a newfound appreciation for community and interpersonal bonds.

I Wish for a Concert (or 5)

It occurred to me recently that this will be the first year since probably 2001 that I haven’t gone to one concert during the year. Live music is one of life’s purest joys, in my opinion, and it’s been of the things I’ve missed most this year.

I Wish for Work Trips

Another thing I’ve seriously missed this year is traveling for work. This wasn’t a surprise, I’ve always enjoyed jet-setting for work. What I didn’t realize is how key work travel is to keeping me motivated and staving off the monotony blues.

I Wish for Opportunities to be Uncomfortable

Imagine getting so sick of being in your comfort zone that you yearn to be uncomfortable. This is where I am, currently. Whatever they may be, I wish for abundant opportunities to dare greatly and do things that scare me. After all, this is how people grow, and to grow is to thrive.

I Wish for World Peace!

Hey, it can’t hurt!