All Those Photos; What To Do?


Thanks to all the smartphones out there (I won’t discriminate!) and user-friendly DSRL cameras,  it is super easy to always be able to take a picture. I’m not saying that makes us all professional photographers, but I’m pretty confident that all of us have a lot more pictures around us than ever before. I know I’m always asking everyone to stop and snap a picture! But as eye-rolling as pausing to get a picture can be, after the picture is taken, no one complains. Because who doesn’t love having a picture of your kiddo eating an ice cream cone for the first time, or a snap of the cutest little playdate? Snap away.

So what then is a momma to do with all 100+ pictures of her precious toddler at the park?! If I was to print out all my good pictures, frame them and get them up on my walls, there wouldn’t be any walls left. And that look might work for a, singular, wall but not the whole house.  And who has time to frame all those pictures anyway? The struggle is real!

So aside from just sharing your pictures on Instagram, what can you do with all your pictures? Well, I’ve got a little personal experience with having loads of pictures, so I have a few suggestions to get your photos off your phone (or camera card… or computer) and places where you can see and enjoy them.

photo 2 CSMBPhoto Book

There is a ton of ways you categorize your photos into a photo book – a trip, a child’s year, a collection of photo with the grandparents. And photo books make the perfect coffee table addition! I started making a photo book for each year of marriage, and honestly, they’re one of my favorite things! I’m a little behind for this year (still working on Year Five when Year Six is almost over) but they’re always so worth the effort and I get to put all my pictures to use, even the not-so-frame able ones.

Instagram Printouts

If you do use Instagram (and you should!) there are several great companies that can print out your Insta pictures in cute, amazing squares, and they are perfect for grabbing a little washi tape and hanging them in your kiddos bedroom or by your desk. They are the easiest to put up and take down, and my little guy LOVES having the pictures hanging on his wall.

Photos CSMBInterchangeable Frame

My dad and I made this particular “frame” when he was in town a few months ago by just putting a few boards together and staining them. I simply added the bulldog clip, and there’s my interchangeable frame! The bulldog clip is perfect for prints that you want to change every now and then, or even every other day because it’s that easy!

Wall Gallery

This is probably the most permanent use for your pictures, but a great one! Just about any wall can become a focal point by turning it into a gallery wall, And it’s a great way to use some of those extra awesome pictures you have. I like to try and keep some sort of a theme when putting together a gallery wall. Either all black and white pictures, or all family pictures. For a while, I had our best pictures from all our travels in a gallery. Gallery walls are great for displaying a bunch of pictures!

 Do you have any other ways you display your 101 pictures?