Before 8 a.m. Behind the Scenes {Katie}


A Behind the Scenes look at Katie’s Photo Shoot written from the perspective of Margaret Koning Photography

Katie and her family live just a couple streets from me, so I was excited to get to meet them and get to know them better! We are practically neighbors!

As I approached her front door, I noticed all the little details on the front porch and knew this was going to be a very pretty home. I was right! Turns out Katie is an interior decorator extraordinaire, and she had such a smart way of organizing her home beautifully.

Their two beautiful children sleep in one room in separate beds. They are close in age, but I could tell they had very different personalities from the get go. I was also so surprised to see their daughter trying out potty-training and talking up a storm! Way to go girl!

My favorite moments were during breakfast, when I had trouble photographing both parents sitting down at the table at the same time. They were popping up every few moments to grab something else or mop up a spill from the kids. This is a such relatable situation for a parent!

I had such a wonderful time photographing Katie and her family. I always consider it an honor to be invited in and snap a few genuine moments when the kids are being “real” and parents still have pajamas on!

One From the Cutting Room Floor

behind the scenes

I adore this photo because the focus is on dad’s hand holding and guiding his daughter’s hand as she learns to pour the pancake batter! Can I be super cheesy and say there was a lot of love baked into those pancakes that morning? Yes. Yes I can.

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