In American family culture, the days between Thanksgiving and the New Year are a whirlwind. Decorating, concerts, end of year tests, holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping, wrapping, baking, showing appreciating for everyone from the blessed souls that pick up your garbage to your kids’ teachers – it is exhausting. And while I realize it’s ONE. MORE. THING, please take the time to celebrate your loved ones’ holiday birthdays!

As a holiday birthday holder, I can tell you a little recognition goes a long way! My personal perspective has very heavily influenced how we celebrate our daughter’s birthday — which also falls in the holiday birthday abyss.

I follow all of these very closely so that our holiday birthday peanut feels special on her birthday:

  1. Birthday Cards! It’s great to get a card that celebrates your birthday! Perhaps stay away from something with a stable and a manger on it.
  2. Birthday wrapping paper or gift bags! Three cheers for paper without reindeer, Santa, poinsettias, holiday greetings, or candy cane stripes!
  3. Separate Presents! Trying to come up with great gifts for multiple events in a short time span is not easy. We’ve made it a bit easier on ourselves by following the four gift rule for both birthdays and Christmas: Something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, and something to read.
  4. Birthday Cake! Honestly, our girl doesn’t care about sweets at all, this is really on my wish list for my own birthday! Since our daughter doesn’t care for cake, and because her birthday is in a busy time of year, we usually do a birthday brunch with pancakes with family. The birthday girl loves this special time.
  5. Buy tickets or make a reservation early! If making arrangements ahead of time is recommended for any holiday event or restaurant, get the activity lined up early! Things tend to sell out or book up quickly between Thanksgiving and New Year.
  6. Bonus tip: Save Christmas themed presents for Christmas! Unless your loved one adores and collects snow globes and Nativities, save the Christmas-themed gifts for Christmas. I have to admit that I’ve cheated on this. I have given the little one Christmas-themed pajamas so she can wear them the whole month of December.

Studies have indicated that holiday babies live longer, tend to do better in school, and learn to get over their birthdays being neglected. Your December 16th child can still grow up to be a well-adjusted adult even if they end up with combined birthday/Christmas presents, wrapped in paper with Noel written all over it.

But I guarantee they will appreciate you making a little extra effort to let them know that their birth was amazing all on its own.

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