How My Husband Taught Me To “Date The Moment”


There it was, my perfectly white devotional book laying there on the coffee table, except it wasn’t only white anymore. Beside the initials of the book title there were now red pen marks that resembled a rough drawing of a shooting star. If you squint your eyes just hard enough. 

On my WHITE book. 

Ruined. No longer coffee table worthy. Those were my immediate thoughts. Then, “Can’t I just have a few nice things to myself?”

Guess not. The amount of angst I had over a little red pen mark was a bit much when I look back on it. Even a little silly, really. When my husband saw the book, and saw my demeanor—he in all his husbandly wisdom told me, “date the moment.” Something so profound to me, yet puzzling at first because how could he not see the injustice? In his attempt to disarm the situation, he completely turned my outlook on this situation around. 

With three simple words.  

I no longer look at this simple attempt of coloring by my not-even-two-year-old as an act against me, but an act to remind me. These moments won’t last forever. There will be a day coming where when I leave a book on my coffee table, it will sit there in peace until I pick it up again to read it. I think we need these little reminders along the way in motherhood. We need something to remember these days, even the ones we especially want to forget. We need to date the moment when we can. Because as my kids grow, they’ll gain more and more independence from me. They’ll be needing me less and less, but I’ll have these moments to look back on and smile. 

Why “date the moment?” 

I’ll take out that devotional to read again and on the cover will be a date and the scribbles of an almost two year old all those years ago. The child who saw the color red and felt only the desire to color and make something out of a blank canvas. It will be a reminder of their presence in the little years. I’ll forever be thankful that years ago my husband brought me so much perspective in three simple words, and I dated the moment. Then, I’ll probably go down the rabbit hole of memories of the little years. Only to resurface full of longing for those days, at the same time relieved that when I set the book back down, it will sit there undisturbed. 

date the moment
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Katie is a Colorado Native, only knowing CO as home. She loves to travel though, but seeing the "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign will always be her favorite thing to come home too. She met her CO Native husband when she was 14, & they have been together since she was 15. They are best friends, tackling parenting their kids together. Norah, Jonah, Micah, & Maggie grow and stretch her every day. Katie is passionate for interior design, photography, and anything pretty. There's always music playing in her home, or a good podcast. She's a sucker for a good classic movie, and knows every part of "Sound of Music" by heart. This is her first year winging homeschooling her daughter, mainly to avoid learning how make cutesy lunches & continue serving those Dino nuggets daily. Solid in her faith, she gives all the glory to God for any grace, kindness, or love in her life. Writing for the Colorado Springs Moms Blog has blessed her more ways than she can count, and is proud to be apart of this tribe of mamas creating community in her hometown!


  1. Great read Katie. Love your perspective and your husband’s insightful support. When you get a chance, you might want to update your bio. Last I checked, you weren’t pregnant anymore and Maggie was already here. Hugs!

    • oh man, you’re so right! Thank you for the reminder to refresh this bio–and thanks for reading Janeen <3

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