Foolproof Holiday Cookies: Creating Holiday Baking Magic with Kids


Holidays are such a great time to get your kids in the kitchen baking holiday cookies and other treats.

Sharing the baking experience with your family and children is how memories are made. 


It’s where real life happens (no pretending that life happens without messes), where bonds are reinforced and real joy and laughter are created.    

We all know it requires the patience of a saint to allow our kids in the kitchen near flour and powdered sugar. But ultimately, it’s worth the headache and clean-up. Try these simple tips to create some baking magic for your kids:

Creating Holiday Baking Magic in the Kitchen with your Kids

  • Turn on some holiday tunes of their choice.
  • Laugh and dance with them first before settling into the task of cookie making.
  • Roll up all sleeves.
  • Send them on a treasure hunt for all the ingredients and/or materials needed.
  • Be sure to set them up on a chair to get them to counter height if they are too young to see above the counter. Otherwise, change locations.  Sit at the dining room table or bring a coffee table in the kitchen.  Meet them where they are age-wise.
  • Let them take the lead in putting the cookies together and be prepared to bite your tongue. There is always more than one way to skin a cat and baking cookies is no different. It does not have to be a prim and proper tribute to the 50s.  Take a no holds barred kind of attitude.
  • Be okay with making a mess.  Spill powdered sugar on yourself or dust your face with flour. It will surely get a laugh, but, more importantly, it lets them know they have the freedom to create some baking magic of their own.
  • Clean up the kitchen together. Drudgery is often the first word and thought associated with clean up.  Show them that it can actually be fun. Dampen washcloths and put them underfoot and let them slip and slide across the floor.  It is a sure-fire fun way to clean up powdered sugar!   
  • Remind yourself many times that the holidays are ever fleeting and they only roll around once a year so make them count by being footloose and fancy-free.
  • Last, but not least, grab the camera and capture some of the memories. You just might find that these turn out to be some of your favorite and treasured memories of all-time.

We wanted to help you out and provide you with a few foolproof, high-altitude cookie recipes for you and your kids to try this holiday season. 

Happy Baking Everyone!

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