If you give a mom a minute…. you know, an actual quiet moment to herself with no one asking for help, calling her name, or using her as a makeshift, in-house jungle gym, she’ll probably want to put on some comfy slippers, maybe her fuzzy bathrobe, or her favorite sweats.

When she gets comfy, she will most likely want to pour herself her favorite beverage and relax.  Maybe it’s a nice glass of vino. A warm cup of coffee with her favorite creamer. Or just a cold Diet Coke.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be shared with anyone (especially those little drinkers that leave behind little floating leftovers).

Sipping that beverage will probably lead to grabbing a sweet treat to savor all on her own.  She might grab some decadent chocolate. A leftover pop tart from the pantry. Or maybe steal a few pieces of the kids’ leftover Christmas candy… or was that from Halloween?

She may need another…. and another… and another.

When they’re all gone, she’ll search around for any other sweet or semi-sweet treat to munch on as she sips from her glass.

When the sweet tooth has subsided, she will curl up on the couch and turn on the TV to binge watch her favorite guilty pleasure… Maybe something sappy. Maybe something funny. Or maybe some reality TV show we dare not tell anyone we really love.

She will be watching and realize she needs something cozy to wrap up in.  So, she will probably grab her favorite snuggly blanket to cover up with and life will be just perfect.

Once she is comfortable, she will probably pick up her phone and scroll mindlessly through her social media accounts – checking in on her Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.  This will most likely lead to trying out a few filters to minimize the “mom lines” and dark circles.

Of course, she will take one fabulous picture that gives her that “20 something glow.”  And of course, she will save that to her photos to use as her profile pic later.

When she pulls up the photo to take one last look at just how great she looks, another picture will catch her eye.

What is that?  Better question is WHO is that?

She will open her photos and see the silly (and very up close) smiles of her sweet babies that know just how to push every button she has, but that she loves more than life itself.  They, of course, are making all sorts of crazy faces and they of course took SO. MANY. SELFIES.  This must have been what they were doing while she was cleaning up the dishes from dinner.  She knew those giggles sounded suspicious.

She will inevitably start flipping through her photos and see those sweet kids laughing, playing, and growing… too fast.  This will last for at least a few minutes.

Eventually, she will decide that maybe she needs a bit more of her favorite beverage to sip as she reminisces and will decide to get up and get more.

As she heads to the kitchen, she will, of course, see the dirty socks on the floor,. The shoes left in the middle of the room. The toys left on the kitchen table.  She will pick them up, mumbling about why no one ever seems to be able to pick up after themselves.

She will most likely decide to take a quick bathroom break while she is up picking up and grabbing a drink.  Of course, when she sits down, she will feel those wet spots on the toilet seat (or maybe it was the floor right below) and realize that her little guy “missed” again.

She will go to clean it up (mumbling again about how this is getting old and why can’t anyone clean up after themselves) only to find the toilet paper roll is empty.  REALLY!?!?

After some more mumbling and refilling of the toilet paper roll, she will decide to head back to her comfy couch.  At that point, she will hear a little voice calling “mom” from the bedroom upstairs.

She will realize her quiet moment is over for now.

And after the kiddos are all back to sleep and she can finally head to bed, her mind won’t stop.  She’ll be making mental notes… To call the dentist and schedule cleanings. Make sure the new school folder ends up back in the backpack. Pick up more milk at the store tomorrow. And make sure we don’t forget stuffed animal day on Friday.

Chances are, after she makes these mental notes, she’ll wish for just a minute… just a quiet moment to herself for this momma to rest. But she knows that being a mom doesn’t really ever stop.

Some days, you are changing diapers and rocking crying babies.  Some days, you are tripping on toys, picking up dirty socks, and chauffeuring kids from one place to the next.   Then, there are days you are guiding your babies through the turbulent and emotional teenage years.  And finally, there are those times you are counting down the days until they come to visit — hoping and praying they (and their family) are safe.

So, she will smile, cherish every moment, and wake up to do this “mom thing” all over again tomorrow.  For while it isn’t an easy job… it truly is one of the best jobs!